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New album coming July 2014!


Genres: Rock / Pop Punk / Pop

Location: Chicago, IL

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15 tracks

Members: Matt, Dan, Joe, Andy

6/10/14 - We just finished recording our second album, and after all the mixing is done we should have it available in about a month! Keep checking for updates here and on our Facebook page!

Final Round is a Rock/Punk/Pop band from Chicago formed in 2003. Members include Dan Lowes, Matt Hampson, Andy Lowes, and Joe Rogalski. Their full length album "None of Us Will Ever Leave a Legacy" was recorded in 2006 by Dan Precision at the Bombshelter Recording Studio in Chicago, IL. We play mostly in the Midwest around Chicago, but we've gone as far as playing Warped Tour in Detroit (2006). Future tour locations include Orlando, FL, Grand Rapids, MI, Austin, TX, and central IA.
We're very active on Purevolume, so send us a message any time!

Purevolume.com is the best place to find and listen to our music, but if you really want to help us out, listen or become a friend/fan at these sites as well.

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"...those who enjoy being revved up by monstrous melodies and three-chord riffs that stay in your head, None of Us Will Ever Leave a Legacy just may be your new favorite record to slide in when the sun heats up the summer street."
- Chris Fallon's review of "None of Us..." on AbsolutePunk.net (Score 80%)

The Final Round album, None of Us Will Ever Leave A Legacy is now available on iTunes!



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