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Genres: Pop Punk / Emo / Indie

Location: England

Stats: 1,878 fans / 82,756 plays / 68 plays today






Members: Charlie, Dan, Alex and Omar

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On April 17, 2007, Fightstar will released their eagerly awaited debut album on Trustkill Records. Its an album the band have been working towards for the last couple of years. The moment I knew this band was going to work was when we were recording the EP, says Fightstar bassist Dan Haigh. Charlie said, Shit, Im really late for something Ive got to do but I want to record this guitar line first. It turned out the thing he was late for was playing Wembley with his old band. It meant so much that hed rather have been recording with us.

The bands first rehearsal worked instantly, an immediate meeting of minds. It was one of those cheesy moments that bands always say they have but its true, says guitarist Al Westaway. I was just thinking, This is fucking awesome, says Simpson. I was playing music I actually liked and I hadnt done that since I was 15. They wrote and rehearsed as often as they could, taking the band as seriously as possible but never quite knowing whether they had a future as Simpsons day-job was getting busier.

Thats only half the story. For most bands its hard enough to break into the scene as a new band but, as Simpson explains, Fightstar have almost had it doubly as hard. Most bands just have to impress people, we had to convert them first and then impress them. It would have been so easy for people not to take us seriously and, the fact that they have, is a testament to how much weve put into it. Its been our absolute life and we love doing it. I never expected people to be as good to us as they have been both fans and the press. They gave us a real chance and theres been a real shift in our audience."


  • Bedlight For Blue Eyes
  • Bleeding Through
  • Bullet For My Valentine
  • Crash Romeo
  • Eighteen Visions
  • Fight Paris
  • First Blood
  • Hopesfall
  • It Dies Today
  • Most Precious Blood
  • Nora
  • Open Hand
  • Roses Are Red
  • Sick City
  • Terror
  • This Is Hell
  • Throwdown
  • Walls Of Jericho

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    • Emily said:
      im lovin it;D Jan 03
    • Nate Hafele said:
      you guys are awesome Aug 18
    • Matt said:
      punk pop, www.purevolume.com/ipty check out! dont be shy!!! Mar 28
    • goodbye purevolume :( said:
      u guys r rlly good :) Mar 15
    • XashleaXasylumX said:
      Nov 16
    • rob rocks said:
      another wicked band from the uk! fightstar r amazing saw em on grandunification tour and blew me away! makes ya proud 2 b from uk with home grown bands like we have. Jul 11
    • ursulaB said:
      Love it. Charlies voice is great :D A big change from busted!! Mar 20
    • ShortCakes 웃♥유 said:
      yall r pretty gud:) Mar 17
    • ~GaahhRawr! said:
      Should have 'a city on fire' on here such a tune Mar 10
    • Kris said:
      Chloee(: You need to move on Busted on dead and burried for good reasons, Fightstar are the way forward, and Omar is Fooking Legend!!!! Feb 28
    • ROCKINDIE21 said:
      FIGHTSTAR Rocks the Roll ! Peace and Success 4 ever !.....LUIS * Feb 20
    • Chloee(: said:
      loooove the acoustic version of paint your targettttt. i miss busted too ;( Feb 12
    • rhiannebabes@hotmail.com said:
      Seen you guys in brum. Even with a sore throat, Charlie was still amazing :) have a photo on my profile :) Feb 10

    Grand Unification

    Apr 17, 2007

    Trustkill Records

    City Sleeps

    Rock / Pop / Progressive

    Arms Bend Back

    Rock / Alternative / Alternative

    It Dies Today

    Metal / Hardcore / Rock


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