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Fickle Youth


Genres: Punk / Rock / Pop Punk

Location: Norwich, United Kingdom

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Members: Ben, Sergio & Chett

Intelligent Punk Rock Music with influences that range from The Kinks to AFI to anti-flag to the Jam. Enjoy my children.

lyrics for new song lost boys;
Lost Boys
And now everything is burning
Your eyes dont even care
Still living in a wilderness of my regrets
Ill still wait for you
I cant go wrong
And I dont think you know
A good thing when you see it
We live among these days where we
run away from everything
Before it gets too close

You, its always been you.
Pretty girl I dont want this
You shot straight into my heart
Youre now everything Ive hated
As if the worlds been torn apart

Many times Ive times Ive felt alone
I cant take this anymore
Rather than face rejection
Ill just show you too the door

So many times left alone
I cant take this anymore
Rather than face rejection
Ill just show you to the door

Ill never walk, this threshold all alone.
Im holding on with everything Ive got.
Dont take this lightly boy!
If I was going to run away
Id be leaving
Deceiving the moment
Perceiving the truth
In a downward spiral of emotional misuse.

So take me away from here Im not ready for this.
Only laughing half the time, empty as the days roll by
Im pretending Im still fine with what you wanted
I think I can read your mind; youll be leaving me this time
After all were only young.




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