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Fenix TX

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Genres: Pop Punk / Rock

Location: Houston, IA

Stats: 1,129 fans / 167,324 plays / 212 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Will Salazar (vocals) Adam Lewis (bass) Chris Lewis (guitar)



In 2002, FENIX TX stunned fans by announcing during a performance in Portland, OR that the band was breaking up. Three years later at the urging of friends and fans, FENIX TX reunited for two Arizona dates where the band recorded a live album, a first for the group that formed in 1995.

What could bring the former members Will Salazar (vocals), Damon Delapaz (drums), Adam Lewis (bass), and Chris Lewis (guitar) of FENIX TX together again? Unfinished business. "The break-up was so sudden," says FENIX front man Will Salazar, "We were so caught up in our own creative differences and never got a chance to say a proper goodbye to our fans, and I know that disappointed a lot of people, me included." After the split, the members pursued other musical projects, but fans from around the world reached out to them continually asking them to reunite and perform. "We got together again and realized that playing together makes us happy," says Salazar. "We are re-familiarizing ourselves with each other and the old songs, and we've discovered that we're better musicians now, the songs are much tighter this time around." During their time together, FENIX TX released two albums, 'FENIX TX' and 'Lechuza' , selling over 600K albums. With an extensive track record of touring behind them FENIX TX have rocked countless international stages for over 10 years.


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  • itsmeturley said:
    my all time fave.. tearjerker - super like! :) Feb 23
  • kervi rosello said:
    nice!!!!!!!!! band,,,,,,,,punk's not dead.... Jan 21
  • Colin said:
    hey if you're reading this & you like this band and pop punk and are on twitter, follow http://twitter.com/poppunkwayo and tell your friends! =D Nov 20
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  • CERCANA ETERNIDAD (post-punk) said:
    http://purevolume.com/cercanaeternidad, pop-punk from Argentina! Oct 12
  • pan182 said:
    great band! Nov 30
  • Lulaa # said:
    Please come to argentina!!! Oct 26
  • ninaaaaaaaaaa said:
    i love you guys ! i've been listening to you since i was like 3rd gradeeeee ! :D Apr 11
  • I like this band! said:
    salu2 desde argentina southa america, your songs are great! Feb 07
  • said:
    by far, most definitley, for sure, you guys should have Tearjerker on here. great song. Im super glad you guys exist, keep up the awesomness of your music! Jun 13
  • katie66 said:
    YOU GUYS ROCK!!! hehe i love the song Katie W Jun 03

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