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Genres: Other / World / Folk

Location: Calgary, AB

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4 tracks

Members: Megan & the tambourine.

"Science has done much for us;
but it is a poor science that would hide from us the great deep sacred infinitude of nescience,
whither we can never penetrate, on which all science swims as a mere superficial film.
This world, after all our science and sciences, is still a miracle" -Carlyle.

Hopefully this album will remind you of grey weather or the cold and misty green earth, and kindle introspection & worship. If I have managed any of these, I will have accomplished everything I wanted to.
Megan Feniak.


  • felfedezo said:
    wow... Fen @ Islington, United Kingdom, February 11. is this for real? Jan 22
  • RJ said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/LiveOnceMore Hey Megan! That's my new solo project! You/your fans should check it out! :) Nov 25
  • AdamReinhardt said:
    Beautiful music =] Aug 10
  • J. Feniak said:
    Wow! So creative! Love the layering of the vocals and instruments. Your videos are so original and interesting. What a great use of non-traditional items. You really need to make a CD and become known. Love, J, J and G Jul 23
  • Xavier ☮ (@Xaviercamejo) said:
    Me gusto el cover de FLEET FOXES (BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS) LOVE :) Mar 04
  • butler said:
    love the carlyle quote by the way. so when are we getting an album? Jan 13
  • Natty said:
    Cool!! i like your song!! ;D Dec 28
  • story said:
    hey! i really like this. very nice Nov 15
  • SamWade said:
    just stopping in to remind you that i am listening; constantly :) fleeting bird is beautiful, as are YOU! love you dearest. so much. Sep 22
  • Kellise said:
    Dude, you really need to have your songs recorded in a good quality studio. The songs are amazing! I like how I put that I am from Thailand. Aug 27
  • fiona said:
    hey u remember me i was at the camp an i changed your ipod to the killers when u were young :) Jun 20
  • Marcus said:
    Hey, love the most recent added song, do you use a special program for recording? Really cool effects. I want to write songs like that, I've tried and failed... May 21
  • Marcus said:
    how do you become friends on this site? May 10
  • Marcus said:
    It is sad that graduation had to be such a vicious hand, dragging us apart in separate directions. I miss playing in a band so much... I love what you have planned, what does starflyer mean? I would love to help and/or support it, or even volunteer if I am able:D just let me know how... May 06
  • SamWade said:
    being apart won't stop me. just watch. it will be reminisce of postalservice. we'll defeat the ocean. just watch. {i am recording and sending your way.} it's a little new-i feel bad working off your stuff, it's already amazing to begin with. so, do with it as you will. but i'll send the piano stuff. well. that is all. Mar 19


Dec 01, 2012


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