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No One Knows Queens of the Stone Age (Female Drummer Cover of No One Knows by QotSA)

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Drumming Tips, for the Touring Drummer

There are lots of drumming tips that I can offer. As a possible ex professional drummer (ok so I used to be an expert lounge act drummer, however still made my sole living doing the work so I qualify), I learned a lot from various musicians. So some of the drumming tips I am planning to offer, may not be specific to drummers. In reality, it may be any working musician doing work in closeness to other people. queens of the stone age drum cover

Drumming Tip 1)

Don't let others to share your bath water. This is simply wrong; on quite a few tours across the country, money was tight, and we'd rent a home for the whole band, and quite often on bath night, we might all utilize the same water, originally as an act of commeradery, but latterly, to save money on heat bills. no one knows queens of the stone age
Items of crotch hair floating past your eyes as your wash you 80s perm aren't the most effective learn to "storming it, at Spennymoor".
Neither is a kindly fellow musician's urine a perfect solution for dirt removal.

Drumming Tip 2)

Pack spares of the things, from spare beaters for that kick drum, to snare tuning rods to your snare. Even better possess a spare snare and kick pedal close to you when on stage. Old people being missing out on their bingo aren't the happiest when the drummer needs to replace a busted snare skin. The best quote because of this was mid snare tune-up, and also the drum mike on full. A vintage boy looked up from his paper amidst the packed (ha ha ) venue and simply said, "MUST you accomplish now?"
Wonderful, a free of charge tip for audience members, don't search for a gig expecting a nice read and a chat. Stay at home, or find a library.

Drumming Tip 3)

In the event you must wear shorts on stage, wear underwear. The Stewart Copeland school of short wearing is frequently mistaken as exhibitionism, as well as the bags may flop out at any point.
Yes, that has happened to me. The women loved it obviously.

Drumming Tip 4)

LIKE your bandmates! Its simple, and pretty obvious, however, if you going up and down any country, inside a crappy van, you need to access it. A good example of this is once the guitarist within our band utilized to ask the keyboard player the time. The laptop keyboard player would simply tell him, but also for a fee. Paying 20p for each and every time you want to know the time over a long journey can be an expensive business. But, the guitarist stood a codeine problem, and a slight fondness for methadone, so perhaps it was Karma all things considered.

Drumming Tips 5)

Get a metronome and get accustomed to playing the songs with a set speed nightly - you'll find nothing worse compared to the drummer enjoying himself a great deal which he accelerates, or conversely, slows every one of the songs because he were built with a bit of a late one the prior night.
Rehearse with the band while using metronome, write down the tempo's of each and every song, as well as use the metronome to count yourself in on gig night, it does work wonders. Plus, the metronome doesn't lie - but don't tell the singer!


Posted Jan 23, 2014 at 8:28am