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Fatal Esperanza



Genres: Post Hardcore / Alternative

Location: Santiago, Chile

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Fatal Esperanza

This part during the first days of May in 2003, Alfredo (vocals)
decided to finish playing covers California punk band with Jaime Castro (guitar)
and Sebastian Bustamante (bass) and Cristian Alvarez (drums) and continue with the band
and continue with the same name "FATAL ESPERANZA" but this time with songs.
Alfredo begins to play along with bass and Rodrigo Javier in the first Guitar
began creating melodies, lyrics and songs, but lacked the Drummer and Cristian Alvarez
continued as a drummer in the band.
Following this training, began creating their first songs. With the passage of time
recorded the first demo CD called "Some time back," which was distributed and given
in the first live gigs.

As time passes after the first gig, the guitarist left the band Rodrigo.
Then in a short course of time came Waldo Jeria, which replaced the
first guitar, with much feeling the following gigs followed and
began to create new and various subjects.
March 2004 recorded the first album under the name "FXE Dreams" through
an independent recording studio, this album has all the musical material
of the demo cd "Some time back" in a better version also has three new songs.

In mid 2004 the group was taking a break with the later trials
Waldo reports that the band would definitely.

In late October the same year we take the tests and Cristian (drums)
incorporates a new guitarist which is named Carlos Garcia, a childhood friend of Cristian.

2005 Javier ceases to belong to the band at all, after this test left
and proposals for live gigs and a large influx of contacts Javier (bass) was driving.

Year 2006 begins to experiment with different bass players to fill the post of Javier, but the ex-member
Sebastian Bustamante is returned for a short time which gave life to new issues and advance
recordings for an EP, these topics were: "Midnight," "Tears" and "a dream."
Time passes and again the band is without a bassist, with members Alfredo, Carlos, and Cristian.

In mid-2006 integrates a new bassist named Giovanni Moya returning to the band about
partial tests and some live performances.

During the summer of 2009 Alfred and Cristian decided to organize a possible alternative to a
new disk and so use the summer, but with little participation, coordination and motivation
the Giovanni and Carlos not obtained any positive result.

After long trials and the last songs composed in 2009,
It requires a new member to the voices and which is incorporated Miss Isabelle Moreau
which shared several trials with the band. In late 2009 Isabelle left the band for
personal reasons.
The band in mid 2009 decided to record again in "Spectre Productions" for
test the musical progress so far recorded some demos and new songs of the moment
without production and evaluation purposes. Recorded the subjects MORE DAY, WALKING, unfaithful wife, Support,
also making video recordings of the purposes of entertainment.

At the end of the year 2009 will achieve little progress, gigs, rehearsals and that there were many problems
and there was little motivation to general level. Also at that time part as bass player (patch) a dear
Nights friend named Paul, which replaced the bass player for some tests and live events, in which
participated in the toccata AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP 27 GRAND AVENUE BMX.

With the passing of time comes in 2010 and definitely does not move at all.
Alfredo (vocals and guitar) and Cristian (drums) decided to drastically the picture, change the rules
again and take constructive decisions for the band.
After this new decision decides to seek new members with the same musical influences, musically,
and new proposals for the future of the band.

Soon we will give you new FATAL ESPERANZA ...


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