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  • idprluis7 said:
    Check out "In Dependence" from Puerto Rico to you http://www.purevolume.com/idpr http://www.myspace.com/idpr http://www.facebook.com/idpridpr May 25
  • cmmarine4509 said:
    didnt realize you all are from my home town!! May 03
  • jack berlington said:
    You guys are incredible, I was telling everyone I think your my new favorite band then three days later I looked on wiki and found out you broke up last year. A little bit of heartbreak, but I imagine it was a much bigger loss for all of you, I wish you could of made it! I'll buy all the albums you have out :). Good luck and God's blessing on everything you guys end up pursuing! And thank you for putting out the really incredible albums you did put out before it all ended! God Bless!! Apr 10
  • shanna;) said:
    this is my firt time hearing u nd u guys rlly rok nd i didnt except that so "keep keep" roking on nd love ur songs u guys soung like house of heroes which is good! ;) Dec 07
  • Gianni Massaro said:
    Hello! We're and indie/pop punk band from Virginia, and we totally dig your tunes. http://www.purevolume.com/thesaltineproject Aug 24
  • Hardcore=christian said:
    THis is a great BAnd Jul 18
  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Jul 10
  • Hardcore=christian said:
    Check out my youtube account account.... http://www.youtube.com/longboardskillz Jul 02
  • RICARDO said:
    insanely amazing band¡¡¡ u guys ¡¡ Jun 21
  • Matt Sykes said:
    We're mice. We rock. Check us out. Purevolume.com/templetonbroughttheplague Jun 18
  • Somberkiss said:
    Not bad dudes. Rock on!!! May 20
  • Arius96 said:
    Artists! Do you want a free PRO upgrade? Here's how: copy and paste this message into 15 other comment boxes and press F5 and F8 the same time to get free membership for 12 months!!! I'm not tricking you! It helps Purevolume get more traffic to its site and increases its google ranking! May 17
  • Spastic Llama said:
    Im from South Africa, and here we have an expression in Afrikaans: "Lekker" (pronounced lacker;)) And translated into english it pretty much means "FREAKING AMAZING!!!!" Ha ha so from a true South African, your guys music is freakin LEKKER!!! Lol keep rocking for the Master :) Apr 30
  • Finding Forever said:
    YOu guys are AMAZING!!! i LOve the song "Gentalmen(Go To Sleep)!!!! keep it up!! Apr 09
  • Me =} said:
    Im not going to lie i like your music a lot . and well that means something when its coming from me haha jk but seriously i like it Feb 26
  • The Skyline Surrender said:
    You guys are sick!!! If you have a minute, check out The Skyline Surrender at purevolume.com/theskylinesurrender Thanks!! Feb 20
  • Calvin Bauer (We Destroyed The Sun) said:
    Everyone Is Out To Get Us is so much better than a toast to bad taste. Feb 13
  • Zack said:
    My fiance and I caught the show at Plan B. You were AMAZING! We are both completely hooked now. Come back around very very soon! Feb 08
  • Tyler said:
    Incredible. Jan 24
  • Zack said:
    The new stuff is amazing...point blank. Jan 06