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Genres: Screamo / Hardcore / Indie

Location: Dayton, OH

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4 tracks

Members: Logan Calvert, Ian Bailey, Zach Pridemore, Jacob Pelfrey, Nate Lees

Over a year ago Logan and his cousin Ian decided to, with their musical talent, start a band. This is when we found our first drummer Ian Baldwin who had a friend, Jacob Pelfrey to play bass. Days later Zach messages the band and thats when the band was so far completed. After a good run Ian Baldwin decides that Farewell Miss is no longer good for his musical career. Luckily, Nate Lees moved to Dayton from Indiana. And now Farewell Miss is comprised of Logan, Ian, Zach, Jacob and Nate. From the beginning weve written whatever kind of music that comes out. We love our music and we love our fans. We're not doing this just because we want to be famous or because we want girls or to impress kids at school. We're doing this because we want to use our talents and play music. We're here for good.
Thanks for the support,
Farewell Miss

Check Out Our MYSPACE for show dates and new information on us.

Logan Calvert: Vocals
Ian Bailey: Guitar/Vocals
Zach Pridemore: Guitar
Jacob Pelfrey: Bass
Nate Lees: Drums


  • Alix said:
    good stuff. Jun 11
  • dfghjkl; said:
    hey r realated to casey calvert....? he was my cousins friend Oct 01
  • .Emily! said:
    hey guys. you need some more shows. i\'d love to come to them. ; ] Nov 08
  • fashion core faggot said:
    hola! my name is Alyse and i live in Tampa. i would just like to tell you guys that i dig your music. i want a tshirt. kids here will be like \"who\'s that on yo, tshirt, big pimpin?\" and i\'d be like \"something too cool fo\' you, fool!\" haha. anyway, how might i aquire one? Sep 12
  • Rachel said:
    cute lyrics. Sep 11
  • icebox game said:
    I want a shirt, how much? Aug 28
  • .Emily! said:
    Hello. Jul 16
  • icebox game said:
    Logan is my BFFE, so is Ian. Jacob is a perve. Jul 06
  • icebox game said:
    I know the show isn\'t till sunday but Good luck =] Jun 28
  • natexcore said:
  • eyelinerfightgrace said:
    haha i feel rlly stupid saying this but in your main picture thingy those 2 pplz look like twins lol... XD _Ali_ May 06
  • .Emily! said:
    Ello Ian! I\'ll be at your show in may! ^.^ its the day after i go see My Chem In Columbus!1!! YAY Two shows within one weeek! later. Apr 17

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