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Genres: Emo / Rock / Experimental

Location: Boston, MA

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4 tracks

Members: Larry, Luke, tiny, Collin

June 14, 2006

With rumors swirling around for the past week regarding the end of Faraway, we feel as though it is our responsibility as both musicians and friends to be open with all of those that have supported us since we played our first show on April 19, 2003. Tiny, Luke, Collin and myself have been drifting apart musically for some time now and have reached the unfortunate point of no return. No single event can be to blame for this decision, simply the maturation of ourselves as both musicians and people. With each of us striving to move in a different direction with the sound of our musical expression, it is impossible to create a final product that each of us can call our own. It is with that said, we wish to thank each and every person who has waited in the rain to get into Norwood American Legion, driven across state lines to watch us play, bought our merch, and each and every kid that sang along to the music that has been our lives, as well as yours, for the past three years. Without your support nothing would have ever been possible and we wish to thank you for everything. As you know we were supposed to release an EP but because of all this happening we cant have an official release. So if youre interested we will be selling our cds online at our merch store (and even left over t-shirts we still have). If you would like to purchase any of these items but dont have access to a credit card then please send us an email (farawayband@hotmail.com) and we'll work something out. Again, thank you for the most amazing 3 years of our lives.



  • emanuel said:
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  • Kate said:
    We'll all miss you guys! Jul 19
  • wastelands_of said:
    Add Comment here... Jan 29
  • Xx_Im_aN_EmO_KiD_xX said:
    you guys are really good. props. Dec 29
  • tRaCkStEr817 said:
    would it be possible for me to get the lyrics for the song after the end of this was an intentional accident? i really like it a lot. thanks and sorry you guys drifter apart Dec 22
  • electronicrobotwithoutbats said:
    thank you for saving me Oct 13
  • silverstr82 said:
    OMG i love you guys! omg whoever writes ur lyrics is awesome.. they are amazing.. i really love Illegal Minja Moves From the Government. Sep 15
  • SEXY BOY said:
    good luck with all your other bands if you guys decide to join other ones Jun 28
  • said:
    go lukeeee go tinyyyyy go collinnnnnn go laryyyyy May 09
  • SatanicPanic said:
    You guys...own :-) May 08
  • x32847 said:
    Hey Guys Hows Life In The Studio Apr 02
  • Bitter.Sweet.Endings said:
    Illegal ninja moves from the government? genious. no, INgenious. I think that means exactly the same thing. but yeah. You guys rock. My favourite song is \"Ill make you regret me\" Its nice, and sad, and awesome. just like you guys. only I doubt your sad. UNless you are. BUt you shouldn\'t be sad. You should be proud of your awesomely awesome music making skills. :P Mar 25
  • said:
    you guys rock, the song \"the places stars go, once they\'ve lost their glow\" is awesome! Feb 26
  • colette. said:
    oh my lord...you guys are incersible...and the song the places where sars go once theyve lost their glo..is just the cutsiest wutsiest Feb 17
  • mastermegz said:
    Hi my name is meghan and i come from sharon high school. I love your music and i am commenting to ask if we could have your band members permission to use your music in our video yearbook? we would give you full recognition. please consider us and let me kno my email is sharonseniors06@yahoo.com Feb 01


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