What types of songs can I upload?
Artists can upload songs in the standard MP3 format only. We do not currently accept any other file types. Each song must be less than 20MB in size.
How can I make MP3s from a CD and/or a another song format?
There are various programs that can be used to create MP3s. We recommend using iTunes for both Windows and Mac users.
How do I change my songs to .mp3 files using iTunes?
The default format for iTunes is an AAC file or .mp4 file. Change the import file to .mp3 by going to the iTunes "Preferences," then the "Advanced" tab, then the "Importing" menu item. In the "Import Using" drop down menu select "MP3 Encoder" and the try re-importing your tracks, or simply right click the track and select the option to “Convert to MP3”.
What is the recommended settings for songs to be encoded and uploaded?
We recommend that all songs uploaded have a bitrate of 128 kbps and a frequency of 44kHz Stereo.
I just uploaded my songs successfully but they won't play.
Please give each track you uploaded up to 15 minutes to finish the encoding process. If it continues to not play after 15 minutes, try to re-encode your track using iTunes in the recommended settings (above) and then re-upload them.
Why do my songs play too slow/fast?
Songs that play too fast or too slow are often the result of unusual settings, or incorrect MP3 files. Encodings made with mp3pro technology are NOT compatible. Try re-encoding your MP3s using the recommended settings (above) and then re-upload them.
Why do my songs load but never play?
Songs that load but do not play are songs encoded with unsupported MP3 compressions. Encodings made with mp3pro technology are NOT compatible. Try re-encoding your MP3s using the recommended settings and then re-upload them.
When I go to an artist profile, the player isn't showing up. Why?
We recommend you try updating your browser version and your version of Adobe Flash by going to: http://www.macromedia.com/software/flash/about/
What is the recommended browser to use for PureVolume?
We recommend using the newest versions of Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
How come only four songs are showing up in my profile, when I have uploaded more?
With a basic (free) account on our website only four songs are available for streaming on your main artist page. In order to upload and stream up to 35 songs you must upgrade to a PRO account (see below for more details).
I'm an artist. Why can't I add Fans?
Currently you cannot add Listeners as a Fan of your band, only Listeners can add Artists a favorite.
I’m an artist. Why won’t it allow me to post on the forums?
Currently Artists cannot post on the forums, only Listeners can make posts.
How do I log in?
By clicking on the "LOGIN" link on the top right of the site (or here) you'll be brought to a screen which allows you to login with your username and password.
I lost/forgot my password; how can I get it back?
On the Login page, there is a link below the password field to allow you to recover your password by using your username and the email address you used to sign up for your account. In order to recover a lost username please email support[at]purevolume[dot]com and provide the email address you used to sign up for the account.
What are the differences between an Artist's free membership and a Pro membership?
For full details about the benefits of a PRO membership, log into your Artist account and choose the “Upgrade Your Account Today” link found under the “Promote Your Music” section of the ARTIST DASHBOARD area.
How does an artist get featured under Picks & Promos?
Placements are either chosen by members of the PureVolume Staff on an editorial basis ("Picks") or may be purchased directly through the site by artists themselves ("Promos"). Picks are selected based on a wide variety of criteria and must be Pro members. For full details about Promos, sign-in to your Artist account and choose the “PurePromos” link found under the “Promote Your Music” section of the ARTIST DASHBOARD area.
Why do I have to be a Pro member to be picked as a featured artist on the homepage?
The Pro membership helps the PureVolume staff in finding serious artists for the featured spots. PureVolume membership fees are placed at a low cost so that it is accessible to any artist.
How do the charts get calculated?
Top Artists (most popular song) are ranked by their most played song, not total song plays. Top Artists (most popular download) are ranked by their most downloaded song, not total song downloads. These charts are updated approximately every 24 hours.
Are there memberships for record labels?
Yes. All inquiries regarding label packages should be directed to ryan[at]purevolume[dot]com. Serious inquiries only.
Why can’t I upload my photos?
If you cannot upload your photos it may be an issue with your browser, first try updating your browser to the newest versions of Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Your image may also be too large (more than 1 MB) or in the incorrect format (not .jpg, .giff, or .png). For best results crop your image down to 345px x 235 px.
How Can I Promote My Artist Page on other websites?
At the bottom of the website you will find a section that says “Promote Your Band”. There you will find tools to put banners and buttons in your other music websites. Or click here.
How do I delete my account?
Log into your artist account, and click on the “Account” link in your Dashboard. There you will find a red button to de-activate your account.
Is De-activating my account the same thing as deleting it?
Yes, essentially de-activating your account will take the page completely off the internet. The only person who can ever activate or view your account again is you.
I can't find an answer to my question in this FAQ. Where do I go?
You can always try the forums for help. If that doesn't work you can submit a support ticket by clicking on the “support” link on your ARTIST DASHBOARD page, clicking on the Support Link found under the "Help" section on the bottom of the website, or e-mailing support[at]purevolume[dot]com. Please be clear and detailed with your problem, and include your browser and version in your request.