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Genres: Pop / Rock

Location: England

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September 2002 - Friday 14th January 2005.

How the band formed.
James Bourne and Matt Willis originally knew eachother from auditions and gigs and eventually Matt and James decided to write songs together.
The boys needed another member for the band and put an ad in NME for a certain 16-year-old boy to find while flicking through. Charlie Simpson auditioned and as we all know, got through.

After signing with Universal records they released their first single 'What I Go To School For' which debuted at Number 3 on September 23, 2002. (The REAL Miss Mackenzie doesn't like to talk about the song but is flattered).

Taken from Busted.com: "In less than a year, Busted have smashed the mould of pop. They are one of the defining new acts of the past five years; treating pop audiences with the respect they deserve, selling their music without selling out their musical beliefs. Busted are the alternative."

Matt Willis -
DATE OF BIRTH: 08/05/83
Says Matt Willis: Its a really sad day for all of us but weve always said that if one member left then wed call it a day. The last three years have been unbelievable and Id like to say a massive thank you to all our fans- youve been amazing.
Now: Has a solo career.

James Bourne -
DATE OF BIRTH: 13/9/83
Says James Bourne: Im devastated that Charlie has chosen to quit Busted, but I have to respect his decision and I fully support him and wish him all the best for the future. I would like to say a personal thank you to all the fans who have made the last three years the best years of my life. Ill remember these years forever.
Now: In a new band called Son Of Dork

Charlie Simpson -
Says Charlie Simpson: Im incredibly proud of everything that weve achieved in Busted. Weve enjoyed some of the best times in our lives together. I wouldnt change one single bit of it. This has been a really difficult decision and I hope the fans will understand
Now: In a new band called Fightstar.


  • ashe!!♫ said:
    i like his song year 3000 ♫♥ Mar 19
  • Chelz said:
    Busted was the BEST band ever! Good times, good gigs and amazing people too! xxx0xxx Jun 17
  • sarah xD said:
    you are amazing!!! XD fucking good misic!!:) i miss your music on tv !!:( x3 Jun 10
  • just_justine:) said:
    i was wondering if you can put dawson\'s geek & make it downloadable, i woould love you sooo much. please & thank you Sep 19
  • just_justine:) said:
    thank you for making falling for you available. Sep 16
  • wilbaforce said:
    You guys are bloody awesome!! Love it ae!! Keep up the bloody good music!! Aug 04
  • said:
    Could you please make these available to download? thanx! Jul 31
  • iKILLEDcaitsansone [NJ] said:
    you guys are amazing. i love both of your albums Jul 10
  • Astridkirchner said:
    Hi I have been listening to your band. I think you would be a great addition to the Bodog Battle which takes place in Europe for the first time. The Grand Prize is a $1,000,000 record deal with Bodog Music. Check out http://www.bodog.tv/shows/battle and sign up at http://www.bodogmusic.com/bodogbattle It%u2019s free to enter, no gimmicks, no hidden fees or anything like that. Cheers, Astrid Jun 22
  • just_justine:) said:
    i would luv it if you add all the way and if falling for you was downloadable :) Jun 08
  • said:
    also put on \"Year 3000\" Feb 02
  • said:
    also put on \"Year 3000\" Feb 02
  • said:
    even though u have a new band, u guys are incredible Jan 27
  • barboryte72 said:
    add air hostesss!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan 20
  • nailpolish said:
    AH I love you guys INSANELY. Dec 24


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