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Punch TV Multi-media company Fifty million Dollar IPO to form new jobs in Hollywood

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After previously distributing in numerous urban centers within the United States of America, including for example Pensacola, Houston, Chicago, in addition to a great deal more, Business Leader Joseph Collins has basically delivered Punch Television System to Los Angeles!

Punch TV Studios $50 million dollar raise Joseph Collins with Lisa Raye

Punch TV Association had been established as an entertainment television system where the center concept is city centered broadcasting and is persistent to enthusiastically progress into a TV association with a large amount extra to offer followers. Executive Rachel Ramos stated " Punch TV is additionally more rather than simply Hollywood statements." The People's Association, as its many times been referred to by the people because of Mr. Collins ' ardent aid of up and coming brands, administrators and film makers. Punch includes a vast array of shows, for instance the The Hollywood Punch Report, which gives the public Hollywood news as well as news. In the television industry the model looks to be that affiliate networks launch new shows most every year, in the meantime other companies look to be part of a dreary phenomena because of their frequent dependence on past television programs as well as re-runs, however, Punch TV was developed with the inspiration that TV needs be exclusive and from the crib has forever obtained 70% new broadcasting. This net maintains its focus on the hearts of young people.( #PunchTV ).

It was developed as a digital TV net ( Over-The-Air, OTA, FTA ), and is currently getting ready to set off on a full power station in the Los Angeles, California, demographic market area 2 ( DMA 2 ), and certainly that means adding over 15 million households to the net. This type of exciting coming is taking Hollywood by storm given that it slides open the gates for Punch to build its shift into the cable and satellite systems and allows the community to finallyfeel the best in urban programming.

Punch TV has consistently concerned itself alongside its neighborhoods. Its local communitytechnique has extended to gathering alongside city government authorities, accepting people's feedback, and applying its attention on the urban industry and as multi-ethnic communities. It is correctly a network like none other.

In organizing for such an incredible appearance, communities have began to begin on a strategy, and have concerned themselves in Punch TV 's expansion.

Admirers have determined it upon themselves to call their nearest cable companies and ask earnestly for Punch TV.

Join as well be a pillar for this distinguished television network as well as remember to simply express to your cable supplier by declaring the famous saying, " I Want My Punch TV . " #IWantMyPunchTV

For further info communicate with us at this particular connection. We are delighted to have you join the campaign " I Want My Punch TV " http://bit.ly/1LheT43

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Posted Dec 15, 2015 at 11:57pm