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Fall in the Dark

rock; metal; hard rock; chevelle; indie; emo;


Genres: Rock / Emo / Metal

Location: Eloise, FL

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4 tracks

Members: Shawn - Vocals, Guitar; Jonathan - Bass; Aurelien - Drums

We are a trio of musicians who love music. There is nothing more important to us, it is our life force. One might even say that if you cut us, we bleed sound, notes, and lyrics. With our passion brings our writing, brings our live show.

We are a hard rock band (meaning heavy music with Melodic vocals). Our biggest overall influence is chevelle.

Shawn is the vocals and guitar. Jonathan is the bass masta (so he says). Aurelien is our bad ass percussionist.

Our influences are vast with Shawn finding artist like Frank Sinatra and Jerry Lewis to being big influences on his musical path. We feel that our music however, at least in the way of originals, will sounds something like Chevelle, Staind, and other hard rock acts combined into something new.

Some bands play music for fame, fortune, or other matriel reasons. Other bands play because it is in their soul. Fall in the dark is a band that has music in their blood. We just worry about doing what we love and that's playing music.



Subliminal Hope

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