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Fall Hero Fall (TX)


Genres: Hardcore / Screamo / Christian Rap

Location: Irving, TX

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4 tracks

Members: Ryan | Albert | Brett | Donnie | Greg

Fall Hero Fall is:
Ryan Weiss: Vocals
Albert Harbour: Guitar/Vocals
Brett Kuterbach: Guitar/Vocals
Donnie Chambliss: Vocals/Bass
Greg Gulliot: Drums

From the scorching high-temperature metropolis of Dallas-Ft. Worth Texas, FALL HERO FALL stampedes onto the screamo/hardcore music scene with a sound that sends it towards the tip of the richter scale. Composed of Albert Harbour (guitar, backup vocals), Brett Kuterbach (guitar, backup vocals), Greg Guillot (drums/percussion), Donnie Chambliss (bass), and Ryan Weiss (lead vocals), the sound of FALL HERO FALL is so well-put-together, intricate, and enticing that you may have found another reason (like The Toadies, The Marked Men, and Sky Eats Airplane) to praise the North Texas region as a cultural center of driving, edgy, and refreshing music.

The band originally formed in March 2007, when Albert parted ways with his previous band in attempt to break away and start off fresh. He soon collaborated with Brett, a fellow classmate from high school who shared similar interests in starting up a more intense and in-your-face band. In March 2008, almost a year after the initial concept of starting the group, the first legitimate incarnation of FHF was unleashed, having picked up Greg, Ryan, and fellow One Act Play bassist Roberto "Bob" Aranda in the months prior to. With this lineup, FALL HERO FALL began to venture into the local scene, garnering Rookie status recognition and acclaim. As time progressed, the group desired to find a more personal sound, something that was a more accurate representation of who they were. From September 2008 to April 2009, the group underwent a reconstruction period, writing new material and redefining their sound. The result was a more developed, fierce, and speaker-destroying unit; melodic and shredding hooks, floor-shaking drum work, and face-slapping vocals. FALL HERO FALL was back and better than ever. However, shortly after playing a few summer shows, Bob made the decision to leave as the group's bassist in August of 2009.

Fast forward a month later to September 2009. With a newly recruited bassist, Donnie Chambliss (formerly of the band CLUB MANOR), and their recently recorded "Fall Hero Fall Demo", it appears that FALL HERO FALL is ready to continue on with their musical endeavors. "Everything we do is real, and it's us," says Greg. "This is my passion, this is what I want to do with my life; making music and being the best at it." Brett adds, "We're not like a total carbon copy hardcore band. We have an original sound to us." And it is that originality, drive, ambition that has brought FHF to where they are now – amazing music, an ever-growing fanbase, playing local headliners, and performing on tour openings for the likes of HORSE The Band and iwrestledabearonce. There's no doubt that this band is deemed for great things. And they're ready to take them on.


  • Alex said:
    you guys have a pretty tight sound, the vocals are a little difficult to here over the music but overall its amazing keep up the good work May 05
  • Alex said:
    you guys have a tight sound, but its a bit hard to hear the singer over the music keep it up May 03
  • said:
    WOOT! WOOT!! Mar 30

Fall Hero Fall Demo

Oct 06, 2009

Wesley Rea

Desoto, TX


United States


Carrollton, TX

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