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Fallen Prophet


Genres: Alternative / Metal / Rock

Location: Arvada, CO

Stats: 1 fans / 0 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Tazz Kremp

Fallen Prophet was first formed in the late 90s. Originally nothing more than a group of schoolmates hanging out and performing for their friends at parties, the only original member of the group is Tazz. Shortly after high school, Tazz joined the army while others in the group went their separate ways. While stationed in Seoul, South Korea he performed at barracks parties and local venues just for fun with other members of his unit. After a little over a year there he was reassigned to Washington state, where he underwent severe writers block until he met a talented producer, Savage. Through Savage, Tazz met other service members who performed in small groups at parties, venues near base, and at the Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers' Battle of the Bands competitions. Tazz met and performed with many individuals, most of whom introduced him to even more bands. All of these influences only added to the musical talent that flowed from Tazz into his unique composition style. Upon returning to Colorado in spring of 2005, Tazz put together a recording studio in his apartment and concentrated on learning guitar and bass. Thus brings us to today. Currently, Tazz, now going by Fallen Prophet when it comes to his music, is taking a hiatus from performing while he looks for people truly interested in forming a music group. During this hiatus, the Fallen Prophet has been recording his own songs and will be posting them on the band's myspace profiles - www.myspace.com/thefallenprophet and also at purevolume.com. If you are interested in either recording or playing with Fallen Prophet, drop him a line either on his band profile, or contact him at his personal myspace page www.myspace.com/djcjk Remember to Never Forget the Fall...