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Video Calling on the iPhone 4S Is straightforward

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Video contacting the iPhone 4S is straightforward with the latest iOS 5 operating-system and the introduction of Siri for voice commands. The intuitive and easy to use built-in application provides a way for you to be in two places and once and revel in more in person communication via your smartphone.

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To create video calls on the handset you apply the preloaded FaceTime application which is originally positioned on your Home screen ready for you to access. Simply open the app to search your contacts and where there is really a FaceTime button, you can make one tap to start a relevant video conversation with that person. You may be in a friend's house, at the office or anywhere but still be able to see what someone else does - to help you literally maintain two places at one time. Your contacts don't have to have this handset too. They are able to also provide any iOS 5 device including the apple iphone 4 or iPad, plus a Mac computer.

To make a video call even faster you may also use the impressive Siri application. This app is also preloaded onto your iPhone 4S and allows you to make voice commands to instantly access a compatible application and even perform a function in it. You should use Siri at any time by holding the Home button down and it will appear. Tell it you have a meeting and it will automatically schedule it in the Calendar app for you personally. Ask it whether you need a coat today and it'll demonstrate the elements. To make a video get in touch with FaceTime with Siri, simply say "FaceTime with" and so the contact's name, and you will instantly begin a video call to that particular person.

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These are just a couple of many new applications available on this handset, and through the iOS 5 operating system respectively. Others include iMessage for instant and easy messaging between the same range of devices as FaceTime (see above), and Reminders to keep along with tasks you need to do. Both of which along with a number of other built-in apps are compatible with Siri for voice activation and use. Normal telephone calls can also be made faster with this particular app too.

With such a stunning design and World fame like a smartphone from the respected brand, the iPhone 4S may be the latest in a series of mobile phones which will make life different. Making video calls with FaceTime and commanding your device to do so using Siri are the icing around the cake for what this device is capable of.

Posted May 16, 2012 at 2:14pm