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Released Jun 06, 2006

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Comments (10)

  • Kayy said:
    aha .. love this album Aug 12
  • me11111 said:
    form as good as this cd is it has a crapy cover. Aug 17
  • firesword25 said:
    best album ever.... Apr 30
  • krzysztof said:
    Probably the greatest album ever... Jul 23
  • simmy said:
    I have a major man-crush on Aaron Sprinkle. May 30
  • overcome_bassplayer said:
    carlessness is frickin awesomwe! I can\'t wait to get your CD! May 26
  • Teevio said:
    Yeah, this is going to be one heck of an amazing album! May 05
  • eh said:
    party! May 03
  • mwm*comfreak*32* said:
    Im glad to see Aaron back on another cd.. and now with his own band. sounds really good guys. keep it up. May 02
  • Bob Knight said:
    Congratulations guys, this sounds truly fantastic. Bob Knight May 02