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Facing New York


Genres: Progressive / Indie / Rock

Location: San Jose, CA

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Members: Omar Cuellar, Brandon Canchola, Eric Frederic

Facing New York will release their new album titled "GET HOT" on October 14th in stores, and is available on iTunes now.

In early 2008, Facing New York found itself in the midst of an almost monastic paring down. The once five-manned modern prog powerhouse had become three, sharing meals and sleeping on the same floor of an old Berkeley homestead. Throwing their anxieties into the face of the mid-twenties tumult, they filled the blank spots of old members with new loves (Steve Reich and Fela Kuti), and hit the studio renewed: three solid dudes scratching at their collective, imperfect core. The resulting album makes no apologies for the truths they discovered—the humor, the confusion, the musicality, the masculinity, the ceaseless groove—and the sum of these parts is more than a rebirth. In both title and content, this is FNY's long-awaited mission statement: Get Hot.

Facing New York - Get Hot


  • Rachel said:
    I love your guys' sound. Cutting my hair is brilliant. Apr 02
  • Amy said:
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  • Castor Oil said:
    Cops On Bikes is the best song I've heard in a very long time. Apr 23
  • spence said:
    I got busted by a cop on a bike... this song does me a lil bit of justice. thanks Feb 16
  • will you wear my cape? said:
    I can't stop listening to Cops on Bikes :3 Dec 11
  • anadipsia said:
    very nice sound (: great music Oct 15
  • Chloe said:
    this is some good stuff... nicely done Oct 09
  • R's not on here anymore said:
    \"smooth\" Jul 11
  • ampranger said:
    hey hey hey. whats going on? Jun 24
  • Jackie Sue said:
    YES! Mar 19
  • 8888 said:
    you guys are really good. :) Jul 17
  • jessi noelle said:
    i effing love you guys! come back to colorado please :D Jul 10
  • simply xo me said:
    hey i bought your demo at warped tour 04.. you guys are awesome Jun 04
  • BThEBaSTarD said:
    HOLA, como esta facing new york May 12
  • sluman said:
    you guys are awesome! come to canada soon! Apr 23

Get Hot

Oct 14, 2008

FNY LIVE 4.19.08

Jul 31, 2008

Facing New York

Aug 30, 2005

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