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WHO I AM: Marsha L. Lewis aka FACESITTER




With sex constantly on the brain, eight twenty-something horny friends and acquaintances have no choice, but to follow their urges. Taking place in Brooklyn, New York, G-Spot Chronicles is an erotic street novel, which mirrors life among young black adults approaching their 30s, some of them entering the sexual prime of her lives.

The chronicles begin with Raymond, who is struggling to end his highly erratic, distressing, drauma-cidal yet pleasurable relationship with Cassandra, a woman he is deeply infatuated with sexually. Only Cassandra doesnt make this conceivable, with her mouth-watering demeanor, and her unwillingness to give back the keys. Raymond and Cassandra are at the cross roads of their relationship, due to her scandalous, cheating ways.

Then theres Kim: newly divorced, undersexed, and icy. She is secretly on a quest for her sexual self, and answers to her inner pleas for gratification and sexual exploration. Kim is a young lady, who is restricted sexually by her virtues. Shes on the brink of being released from her protective, prudish shell, thanks to an online lover, Remi.

Her best friend Sharon, is a quiet, secretive erotic dancer, who gets involved with Shon, a porn publisher and womanizer; a man she desired for a long time, sexually. Together Kim and Sharon share sexual experiences that surprise them endlessly

Petra is the professional lay of the bunch, and of the entire borough of Brooklyn. Making her mark in life, with her slew of sex parties, where she is the only female participant, receiving all the attention. She is a shameless home wrecker, with an agenda no one knows about. Petra is the welfare queen, who refuses to slow down her promiscuous ways, and constantly leaps into the pool of male testosterone, with both eyes wide shut.

Kareem is a slick-talking, seemingly quiet dude, whose number one priority is staying away from love; solidifying his relationship with lust, by pursuing an endless array of fly-by-night floozies. He and Raymond swap stories, out-doing one anothers narrative experiences every time.

The summer months are dominated by their quest for pleasure. And when it comes to this group, anything goes. From sex resorts to divorce parties, G-Spot Chronicles demonstrates what Black sex and sexuality is, and its demonstrated in its rawest form to date, through a good plot and hot, scandalous, etched in your mind sex. Memorable exploits are what epitomize G-Spot Chronicles.


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You can tell your whole life story in thirty seconds. Its a question of editing. -David Gerrold

Marsha Lewis writing career began on the hallway walls of her mothers section 8 apartment, in a lily-white ghetto. Reveling in her newfound ability to write, she decided that a red crayon was the right tool to make her proud. Her mother was so furious; she gave her a can of cleanser, a sponge, and made her scrub the letters away. This was the start of the controversial moments that would pepper Marshas writing life.

Despite being pressured by her mother to study medicine and become the first doctor in the family, Lewis desires were rooted in the written word. She spent all her spare time writing songs, poems and stories. In 1993, she met Betty Shabazz at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, and she encouraged Lewis to follow her dreams. Shortly following, Lewis wrote her first novella, Gravel, Paper and Glass, and began an endless array of personal writing projects, fine-tuning her craft.

In 2003, Marsha finished penning a book entitled, G-Spot Chronicles, which immediately put her on the map with book readers and filmmakers, all before the book would see a printing press. For this book, her penname is FACESITTER. While publishers and agents were hesitant to touch the book, filmmakers Rodney Parnther and Roderick Giles of Clarendon Entertainment, asked her if they could produce films for the first two chapters. Marsha gladly accepted, which made her the first writer in history, to have short films or otherwise, created from an unpublished book. G-Spot Chronicles can be reviewed and purchased here:
Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

By 2005, one of the films Clarendon Entertainment produced, The Marriage Counselor was competing in the 2005 Urban World Film Festival. Both films adapted from the book are currently available for purchase, as part of a new incentive called New Black Media (http://www.urbanslam.com).

Now a mother of two, Lewis not only continues to write books and attempt to collaborate with filmmakers to make films and/or cable network programming, but is composing music, to coincide with her material. She aspires to become the founder of her own multimedia company now in development, Kon Productions.

I'd like to meet people who want to make films of the erotic nature, producers, directors, other erotic authors, actors, models who want to act in something provocative, people who want to give donations to the effort to create the first Black erotic series to hit this planet, and folks who like the book and accompanying music.


Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

CONTACT: facesitter34@yahoo.com for more info on my other projects.

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Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.



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FEBRUARY 2006 (BROOKLYN, NY) FACESITTER is the newest, boldest African-American writer of erotic fiction to hit the black book circuit with G-Spot Chronicles, a book that tells the erotic tales of several black twenty and thirty-something friends living in and around the Brooklyn New York area.

Success came quickly for this unpublished book and the writer, a home schooling Brooklyn mom, residing in the very area she writes about. Aspiring to create a Black Sex And The City, M. Lewis, with the penname FACESITTER, caused an .. disturbance two years ago, by posting her sultry, erotic stories from the hood, in Yahoo! Writing groups, to get opinions, building an .. following, and gaining film producers attention. Clarendon Entertainment, a New Jersey-based film company came across some of FACESITTERS sample chapters, and immediately saw stories worth sharing with those who seek out tasteful, but edgy black erotica. As a result, two short films have been produced from the first two chapters of the book. One of the films, The Marriage Counselor even competed in the Urban world Film Festival in the summer of 2005.

FACESITTER is the first person in history to have had two short films produced from an unpublished book. This book pushes the envelope. It is daring, fresh, and beyond the edge, erotic readers have been limited to. If all goes well, G-Spot Chronicles will be the first African American erotic series ever, before it is ever published.

There have been several screenings of the G-Spot Chronicles Short Films:

Monday, April 11th at 6:30 pm, NY PERKS, Brooklyn NY

May 17, 2005, SUGAR, New York, NY

2005 Urban World Film Festival (Competition)


Face...I love your book, it's sizzlin' ghurl. I can't wait until you get published...
I'd like to have a signed copy please!-- Wet Spot

Baby, you will go far! --Lyric

Your stories are quite hot so much so I, got nervous reading them with others at home, so now I wait till they're out or asleep to read them in private... --Anonymous

A guilty pleasure is something you know isn't exactly appropriate but it makes you
feel good so you indulge anyway. That's how I think of your writing. Jones, 23

A decadent erotic treat for the senses. The ultimate guilty pleasure. It makes you
quiver in places you forgot you had.
--C. M. Ortiz, 41

I can't wait to see your book out when a publisher is brave enough to publish it! Sylvia Hubbard, Author of Stone Revenge.
Be true to self, even as others are busy faking the funk, raw or
not. Don't shy away from your style.L.C.

For more information on the G-Spot Chronicles short films currently available (http://www.urbanslam.com) or the book G-Spot Chronicles, check the home site:



As far as my other dreams go, I also have a burning desire to have my music heard in film. My goals have music intertwined: filmmaking, using my own music as a backdrop, and/or hearing my music in other people's productions. "Click here to hear my music"


Story One
Love, Ghetto Style

It was a warm, breezy Saturday afternoon in the heart of Bed-Sty Brooklyn, and Raymond was pissed. A tall 30-something year-old, almond-colored brother with big, sexy eyes and business aspirations, Raymond was recovering badly from a broken heart. He stood at the kitchen window, watching cars speed by. He was looking out for Cassandra: a stocky, but sexy chinky-eyed, exotic-looking 28-year-old vixen from the Bronx. It didnt help that beauty was on her side. She had long black hair and deep brown-black eyes, like wells. Despite her stunning looks, now that she had an ex classification, she was on her way over to pick up the last of her things.

Once again, he thought to himself, he was not the one to screw things up.

Raymond was always known as a smart guy, who never had to be lonely, and never actually was. Plenty of women he encountered on a daily basis, to and from his job at Mills Contracting, could fill the void that breaking it off with Cassandra would create. Hell, he even used his rugged looks and status, to get carnal knowledge of a few coworkers, but Cassandras sally reigned supreme. He only wanted Cassandra: a hellcat, Queen Of All Brooklyn Bitches. He thought he could never let that woman go, but today was the day.

He was a dude with a PhD in contracting, and wits like a steal trap. Raymond had suave; his style was naturally debonair. Women wanted more after a few romps of fun, but his body and mind as an exclusive package, belonged to Cassandra. The papers on Cassandra were M.I.A., and Raymond was pussy-whipped worse than a runaway slave. He was so blind with adoration and desire, he ignored the signs of a brazen cheater.

Raymond had been entangled with Cassandra for three long, drama-cidal years. In his mind, they had the best, and the worst of times. As a contractor, he was constantly distracted by their relationship while at work. Cassandra loved staying out all night, partying or whatever, coming home in the wee hours of the morning. Since she worked as a stylist for celebrities, her schedule was flexible; she could sleep all day, and party all night. Raymond had started many a day, bumping into her at the door as he headed out to work, and as she ended her all-night fun. Getting an explanation from her was like pulling teeth.

Cassandra and Raymonds relationship was ending now, because Raymond was sick of being played like a fool. On the night that he planned to propose to her, they agreed to meet at the G-Spot Club. There, he found her with another dude, gyrating and kissing like she was trying to make a baby. It took this last brick wall, to decide that it was over. He knew he had a live one when they got together, but his loins convinced him to go along for the ride. For a while, the perquisites of being with a loose woman out-weighed his dignity. What he wanted was a woman who respected their relationship enough, to know when it was time to come home. Cassandra was too busy having fun, to even think about Raymonds feelings.

Its not like Raymond had never tried to kick her to the curb. Raymonds attempts to throw fine ass Cassandra out at least three times previously, were foiled by her excellent sex and professional head. The moment she came in the door, shed start batting her eyes at him, sashaying around the house, licking her lips and propositioning him for sex. You gon say no to all of this? she would ask, opening her blouse to show him her breasts. Cassandra seduced him repeatedly, which caused an invisible force field to grow around the keys. Whenever he had the chance to pick them out of her pocket as she slept, or showered, that force field was there. Raymond had the classification of fool with most people who knew him, for not wanting to join in on the fun with Cassandra, as she pursued outside erotic adventures, especially when her invitations were always open to him.

Raymonds friend Kareem had heard the reoccurring sad story over the phone while inviting him out for some lay-ups, and decided to come over, bringing his play station. This was such an old routine, the wires were loose from Kareem unplugging his play station repeatedly. Nonetheless, he knew a game of football would take the sting off. To Kareem, it was clear that Raymond had been severely pussy-whipped.

Raymond could hear his friend Kareem behind him asking something, but he didnt hear the question because he was too busy fretting quietly about why things didnt work out with Cassandra.

I forgave her when she lied, I forgave her when she cheatedIve been a sucka for that ho. No one ever cheated on me that many times.

I hate to tell you this kid, but maybe you was lackin in the dick department, or somethin.

Never that, man. I know how to beat up a pussy. Shes just a tramp, I never came to grips with that. I never wanted to listen to what dudes were saying to me about her. I thought if it was true, I could change her, make her feel like a queen, and settle her lil ass down.

You know what they say about tryin to turn a ho into a housewife.

Kareem chuckled. Raymond stared at him hard.

Aint no holdin her down. Shes like that Dorothy Dandridge flick. Dont nag her about where shes going, just zip her up, so she can go out and be with other men.

I aint gonna lie, man. If I had a woman like that, she might kinda turn me on. I mean, we men have been doin that forever.

It used to turn me on a lil sumthin, sumthin, but damn, she scarin me, dude. With A.I.D.S. goin around, free love cant be a part of my reality no more.

While Kareem plugged in the Play station AKA pacifier, they heard keys jingling outside the front door. It was Cassandra, the ho that broke his heart.

Wassup? she asked with coolness, as she put down her purse.

Raymond noticed the tight jeans hugging her thick thighs and ass, as she approached him, and he started to sweat. She tried to kiss him, but he used every bit of strength he had, to turn his face away, as if her breath reeked. Cassandra walked to the window to look at a framed photo of them, during better times. She picked it up, brandishing it like a weapon of emotional guilt.

Dang. You did love me at one point.

And you loved me like a pair o drawers.

You are so tired, Ray. Youre always complaining. Just move on.

I can move on, when you get your stuff otta here.

Ignoring Raymond, Cassandra looked over at Kareem, who was playing football on the PS2, pretending to be oblivious.

Hello, Kareem.

Yeah, uhwassup?

Her getting her stuff up outa here, is whats up.

Cassandra approached Raymond slowly, as seductively as she used to, just before she would go out with her girls and not come back until four oclock the next afternoon. Damn, her lips are so juicy, Raymond thought. Her eyes were flame-colored when she stood in the light, but they were auburn as she approached him. She touched his shirt where the buttons clasp, fingering one of the buttonholes, gazing up into his face.

You dont have to be so hostile, she purred.

Raymond got hard from the sound of her voice: silky-smooth and seductive, like just-whipped butter. She did something to him with it, and she knew it. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up whenever she spoke, and looked up at him the way she did. But his brain told him that he couldnt give into that anymore.

Look, jus get your stuff, okay?

Cassandra licked her lips while she stared up at him. He couldnt help but think about her whole hot mouth stroking his dick, until it exploded down her throat. Knowing that he was about to give in to his weakness for her, Raymond cursed aloud at himself, and led her into the bedroom by the hand, as if her pussy was on fire. He slammed the door behind him, and spent long moments letting her suck him. Afterwards, he fucked her pussy hard while he muttered weakly, This is goodbyethis is goodbye

Kareem could hear the bed springs squeaking, and it turned him on. He paused the football game, so he could hear the nasty things Cassandra was saying, but it was all-inaudible over Raymonds moans and groans. A few moments went by and there was dead-silence coming from the room, along with the smell of sex floating into the place where Kareem sat. When the door opened, Cassandra wiped the corner of her mouth and approached the front door. Snatching up her purse on the way there she announced, Imma come back another day, aiight? She was out of breath.

Raymond rushed over to the bedroom doorway, pulling up his pants. He called out to her, and she turned around sharply.

Cassandra? The keys.

The look she gave him could have melted cold steel. She slipped through the door, keys in hand. He was going to have to work hard to get his keys back.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

G-Spot Chronicles