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Eyeshine Experience (youtube.com/theeyeshineband)


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Indie

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Stats: 78 fans / 3,022 plays / 2 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Johnny Yong Bosch (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Maurice Salmin (Drums, Piano, Vocals), Polo Yazaki (Lead Guitar)

Formed in 2004 by frontman Johnny Yong Bosch and Maurice Salmin, Eyeshine first found success in 2006 with a unique blend of pop punk and post grunge called Edge Rock. The band gained a modest audience with its debut EP, "How About That" and their first full length album, "Red Stripes White Lights" but it was their sophomore effort, "My Paper Kingdom" that officially opened the flood gates in 2009. MPK featured their award winning song, ALONE, whose honest and simple lyrics made a connection to a steadily growing fan base. The band has continued to self produced 5 more albums: "Tone Of Echoes," "Afterglow" (an acoustic album), "Sonosis" (an instrumental album), "Eyeshine XMAS" (a Christmas album), "Sansvox" (a karaoke album), and are currently in the studio recording their 8th CD "Revolution Airwaves." The band has been touring across the nation since 2006 and even making their way out of the country to New Zealand in early 2011.

Band members include: Johnny Yong Bosch (guitar and lead vocals), Maurice Salmin (drums, piano, vocals), Polo Yazaki (lead guitar)


  • Cynthia! said:
  • Ikuto90 said:
    You guys kick ass buying ur albums!!! ^_- Jul 30
  • Ti said:
    awesome guys Jul 28
  • Dante!? said:
    Better than I thought it would be. I'll be sure find more from you guys... I didn't know Johnny could sing... Jan 27
  • KatJam said:
    i was so excited to meet you, johnny! next time i'll bring something for the whole band to sign ^___^. ps--i wish i got to see you guys play. tear tear. Feb 20
  • Borgy08 said:
    i luv u guys ur video is on my myspace Mar 28
  • Borgy08 said:
    I really love the song sunday flower. its really cool Jan 02
  • pris335 said:
    awesome it sounds like vash the stampede singing Nov 26
  • pris335 said:
    aesome Nov 24
  • pris335 said:
    they are fucking awesome Nov 24
  • pris335 said:
    this song is awesome Nov 19
  • pris335 said:
    they are awesome check the video on youtube for sunday flower Nov 17
  • pris335 said:
    they are awesome check the video on youtube for sunday flower Nov 17
  • pris335 said:
    they are awesome only sunday flowers the best song Nov 10
  • jnoxenet said:
    Eyeshine OwNz my soul... love you boys. Mwah! Apr 07


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Jan 01, 2011

Tone Of Echoes

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My Paper Kingdom

Jan 01, 2009

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