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Most write-ups regarding permanent makeup discuss about the famous and rich, making individuals feel that you need to have a fat budget to benefit from the procedure. This concept isn't correct. The treatment has not only become popular because of aesthetic reasons, but also due to its various medical uses. It is no surprise the industry is growing quickly with permanent makeup courses available everywhere you go. eyebrow tattoo

So why do girls go through different permanent makeup procedures? 'Everybody is an individual, and their selected treatment is significant to them for distinctive reasons of their own' says Pam Andrews who is a qualified and experienced technician and mentor of aesthetic and medical micro-pigmentation. Some ladies don't want to spend so much time putting on makeup. With the help of permanent brows, eye and lip liner, they can conserve time and effort from applying makeup daily. Athletes are becoming increasingly more interested with permanent makeup since it provides them with the guarantee that they are appearing their best at all times even if they just got out of the swimming pool or accomplished a race. Famous people like Towie star Amy Childs are promoters of permanent makeup also, probably because they are under pressure by the media limelight to appear their very best going to the corner shop to purchase some dairy products whilst avoiding the press photographers!. more info on eyebrow tattoos

Ladies of a specific age are likewise turning to permanent makeup, for many different reasons. Maybe they believe it is tougher to put on makeup every day in the same way that they used to because of sight problems or shaking hands adversely affecting the applications or maybe they have over plucked their eyebrows over the course of a lifetime or are disappointed with the loss of lip line definition that naturally occurs with time. Permanent treatments could actually load up the gap here and restore confidence during the ageing process.

Micro-pigmentation likewise has clinical functions, and it has in fact become a very popular reason why ladies go through the treatment. The procedure has lots of therapeutic effects, which explains why people are taking the time to participate in courses about permanent makeup.

Many of the people who could benefit from permanent makeup are those who went through a mastectomy, those who have scars to hide, and people who are struggling with alopecia. Lots of permanent makeup artists or 'therapists' are awarded in their job with a very deep sense of job satisfaction. Helping develop self- esteem when a person has experienced serious trauma is a profoundly touching encounter.

There are lots of reasons why people want to have permanent makeup and also good reasons to support its application. The procedure's principal advantage might be cosmetic, but it could definitely offer much more benefits to individuals who acquire permanent makeup because of medical reasons.


Posted Mar 05, 2014 at 5:09am