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Exit Ten


Genres: Metal / Hardcore / Rock

Location: Reading, United Kingdom

Stats: 326 fans / 18,950 plays / 9 plays today






Members: Joe Ward (guitar), Stu Steele (guitar), Chris Steele (drums), James Steele (bass), Ryan Redman (lead

Having already made a name for themselves across the UK with their self released debut mini album, the Andy Sneap produced 'This World They'll Drown' back in 2006, Exit Ten return to the fray with their incredible debut full length album 'Remember the Day', out on Deep Burn/Pinnacle Records June 16th 2008. Joining the ever growing list of new, genuinely exciting, forward thinking, ambitious and heavy UK acts like Shels*, The Ghost of a Thousand, Devil Sold His Soul, Rolo Tomassi, Gallows, Enter Shikari and In Case of Fire, EXIT TEN are now poised to take the step up from the underground and confirm themselves as a musical force to be reckoned with.

'Remember the Day' is an immense record, a bold, daring and ambitious debut album filled with crunching riffs, pounding rhythms and soaring vocal melodies. Lead single and bruising first track 'Technically Alive' builds slowly from a single guitar arpeggio into a barrage of progressive time changes, unflinching rhythmic aggression and front man Ryan Redman's angelic/demonic harmonies. The track will be available as a download from all online portals (i-Tunes, E-Music etc) from May 4th and will be succeeded by a second single, the full on call to arms'Warriors', with the proclamation 'We are the Warriors and the breakers of hearts....I'll be showing what we are capable of, do you know what you are capable of?'.

After being heralded In the press as one of the best unsigned UK acts, and following many label discussions and meetings, the band decided to maintain creative and musical control over their album and musical direction and signed their 'Deep Burn' imprint with Pinnacle Records, a new arm of the UK's No. 1 independent distribution company. As Head of Label Management Stuart Meikle puts it; 'Pinnacle Records are honoured to secure the signing of Exit Ten; a fantastic talent and a band with such huge potential that we just had to be a part of it'.


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  • richt t said:
    I seen these guys in southhapton just before they were famous!! got a signed 'this world we'll drown' album and signed a sheet with ther songs on!! met them all after the gig, but ryan redman was hard to speak to and only got one signiture from him:( still worth every minute!! Sep 18
  • rumour said:
    omg i fucking love these guys!i would love to see them live! Mar 23
  • Jade Ashley said:
    love you guys... i loved your session on radio on the other day, i've downloaded it and listen to it everyday...!!! love you guys, good luck with your next song, can't wait for it... loves...! Sep 11
  • ksuchak1990 said:
    omg, u guys were absolutely amazing at download on sunday! keep rockin! Jun 18
  • Bam9696 said:
    Hey... You guys put out a great track. Love "Techanically Alive"!! I'm addicted!!! Jun 12
  • Bam9696 said:
    Hey... You guys put out a great track. Love "Techanically Alive"!! I'm addicted Jun 12
  • Sara Shines said:
    Your guys truly do rock. I like the song "Deny" should deffinatley put that one up. May 05
  • Sara Shines said:
    Your guys truly do rock. I like the song "Deny" should deffinatley put that one up. May 05
  • Sara Shines said:
    Your guys truly do rock. I like the song "Deny" should deffinatley put that one up. May 05
  • M E M 3590 said:
    looove the new song :) Jun 20
  • katrinamoore said:
    you guys were so great, i saw youin exeter in the cavern and really enjoyed it. LUV U. kat xxx Jun 02
  • xxLauraHawkinsxx said:
    Woo, i saw you on your tour with Devil Sold His Soul and it kicked arse!!!! I cant wait for your album to come out, it should be amazing! You totally deserve all the success that you\'re getting, soon you\'ll be world famous! Feb 22
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  • girl named Sin said:
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Remember The Day

Jun 16, 2008


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