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Evil Empire


Genres: Punk / Ska / Reggae

Location: Carol Stream, IL

Stats: 71 fans / 10,674 plays / 12 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Dave, Ben, Curtis, Johnny, Jeff, Mike, Brandon, Katie

Evil Empire is Ben (vocals) Johnny (bass) Dave (drums) Curtis (left-hand guitar) Jeff (right-hand guitar) Katie (trumpet) Brandon (saxophone) and Mikey (percussion). Building from the ska-punk style (Operation Ivy, Leftover Crack, and Against All Authority), Evil Empire is moving forward not limiting themselves to one genre. With keeping honesty and knowledge as a primary focus Evil Empire mixes new ideas and sounds, drawing inspiration from all genres of music (Hip-Hop, Reggae, Latin, Swing, Folk, Blues, etc.) and creates original music, that doesnt come off like a cheap gimmick.
Along with songs that are aggressive and danceable at the same time belligerent and intelligent, Evil Empire's live show is limited to no one. We will play to any crowd that is willing to open their minds and move their feet. Weve made the metal heads skank, weve made the punk rockers sag, weve made the emo kids laugh, and weve made ska kids slam. Music is music, if its good, its good. Thats what were about. Evil Empire has played numerous shows in the Chicago area, some highlights include shows with: American Distress, No-Cash, and Stockyard Stoics.
Their first full-length album Does This Genocide Make Me Look Sexy? was recorded over the last two years in Johnny's basement. The 16 tracks include both old and new songs that are adapted to the 8-piece band.

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  • Myrl said:
    Ni-ice. You've got an interesting sound, here. Y'know, at first I wasn't sure I liked what I was hearing, but then I sorta got into the beat and everything. :) -M- Mar 04
  • ace_castillo said:
    excellent too!!! Sep 18
  • deleted said:
    I saw you guys live at soundlab Apr 24
  • pyfbassist said:
    Tour to PA dammit Aug 21
  • Billiam1985 said:
    Kill Me Please is amazing. you guys have any shows coming up? Jul 12


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