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  • Fueled By Kris said:
    hey im from upstate ny too and i just wanna let ya know you guys fucking kill it Feb 12
  • Tiffany said:
    I love ETID!!By far my favorite band :) Bored Stiff and Kill the music tie for my favs!!! When you get a chance drop by Dallas :) X-T Feb 03
  • NicolexBrutal said:
    Your by far my favorite band Jan 17
  • Caleb Cates said:
    Raw Beard Power. Jan 13
  • Bools said:
    Keep slaying everything you do. Jan 08
  • Raph's Ysmirnah - Jesus be Glorified said:
    Hey Guys, what up? Would you mind to check it out my upcoming band? it'd be a pleasure for me if you guys check it out leaving a commment if u like it or not, ok? cya www.purevolume.com/ysmirnah God Bless Dec 28
  • HurryingCrab said:
    NICE!!!! Dec 22
  • Mike XD said:
    keepin southern rock one of the best sounds out there Dec 20
  • Kid(Kelly) said:
    I love guys!!! The New black is my favorite song Dec 17
  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    quite raw [still like canon] Nov 25
  • kayjack said:
    stfu canon law you guys suck, stop posting on every bands page drives me nuts! and fyi everytime i die fuckin rules saw you guys live in calgary and lost my shit when champing at the bit played. Nov 21
  • J.B. said:
    Champing At The Bit is prob my favorite song... Besides She's My Rushmore ;-) Y'all have evolved into an awesome sound since Hot Damn! Nov 06
  • x said:
    Love the riffs of this band. If you have time, you should take a second to listen to my band. http://www.purevolume.com/breakouttheshotguns :D We spent a lot of time on it, so we hope you enjoy the stuff! Oct 08
  • My Smile Is Infectious said:
    Southern Metal (I don't know why the put "Rock") is the use of grungy-sounding guitars. Listen to Pantera. Graveyard BBQ. You'll get the feel of it soon enough. Oct 07
  • My Smile Is Infectious said:
    Wave, you fucking idiot. Southern Rock is a genre of music. You don't have to be from the South to be "Southern Rock" ._. Oct 07
  • ifeelthewave said:
    I like how it says "southern Rock" in your dicription. Buffalo...especially West Seneca...ain't southern. lol. Sep 26
  • Meduimz said:
    yum Sep 24
  • SHANNON said:
    come back to md! or go to delaware! Aug 19
  • squawkersmcgellin said:
    deff pretty much my favorite bandd right noww. im in love with keith buckley Aug 19
  • kaci said:
    Saw you in Indy yesterday. Amazing, fucking amazing. My throat's so sore I can't talk. Iloveyouguys. Aug 01

Events (16)

Sep 11

Chicago, IL

7:00pm at Riot Fest
Nov 06

Southampton, United Kingdom

7:00pm at Talking Heads
Nov 07

Plymouth, United Kingdom

7:00pm at Underground
Nov 08

Bristol, United Kingdom

7:00pm at The Fleece
Nov 09

Nottingham, United Kingdom

7:00pm at Rescue Rooms