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Genres: Indie / Rock / Pop

Location: Arvada, CO

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Members: Nikita - Vocals/Keys, Ruslan - Keys/Guitar, Larry - Bass, Yan - Drums

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If you tire of music that sounds like it was birthed out of some mass-market factory, then you'll like – no you'll adore – Everfound. The indie pop-rock band goes far beyond uttering silly love songs set to a soundtrack of commercial clutter.

This isn't some fabricated boy band and they definitely aren't the neighborhood garage band. With over 150 performances in 2008, some of which were major festivals and events, they're quickly becoming seasoned performers.

No one writes their music for them. It's all birthed in the family living room when the brothers gather to create music. Forced out of Russia by religious and political persecution a decade ago, the Odnoralov family found a home in Colorado.

They've adapted. They've grown. They've learned. Now they're inviting us to walk with them on their journey.

The band accomplishes what few others do – music that lasts beyond the play button. The tunes will repeat in your head for hours and the lyrics might become a soundtrack to your daily life. This is because their music is fueled by a desire to seek truth and escape the pressure of a crazy, popularity driven culture.

Listen to first strands of "Street Lights" and you'll realize that something is different. The eldest member of the bunch is Ruslan, 20, and he plays the piano in a way that transforms it into an orchestra of sound. His younger brother Nikita, who is 18, handles all the vocals and keyboard parts. His voice is sweetly smooth and yet raw and epic. You'll be amazed at the high notes he can hit. "Anxious to go," he sings. "Minutes are slow/Wearing my patience thin." The song is reflective of the maturation process the members of the band are going through, as they define their sound, their lives and their direction.

"We have a deep yearning to ask the questions before we rush to the answers," said Nikita. Ruslan also follows the same sort of inner reflection that is refreshing in a world that is quick to inform and quicker yet to judge. "Life is about faith. And faith is an adventure in mystery," he said.

The song you might never forget is "Bring Me Back." You'll be left dangling in suspense, only to be pulled back up by the transitional drum work of Yan, who is only 16. And not to be left behind is the innovative bass of Larry, who is a14-year-old phenomenon. He astonishingly plays violin, piano, bass and sings back up vocals.

"We want to renew a call to passion," said Ruslan. "Life must be lived with purpose and excitement. Otherwise, you merely exist."

Repeat listens to this music leads the listener to exclaim, "No Way."

No way are they that young.

No way are they that contemplative.

No way are that that skilled.

But they are. So hold on. Get ready to be challenged. Get ready to be entertained. Get ready to be moved.

-David Rupert


  • Tonyfan said:
    update some new stuff here! Dec 04
  • christiecollins said:
    hi! my band the last architects has a new single out on facebook and i'd greatly appreciate it if you'd give us a listen! thanks so much! :D http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Last-Architects/136853459714544?sk=app_178091127385 Aug 05
  • Alexis Victoria said:
    i saw you guys at crossroads last night(: never heard you ever! now im definatley a fan!(: Jun 23
  • FuneralofHearts said:
    I think I'm in love, you guys are insanely good. ♥ Mar 29
  • becca :P said:
    i love you guys (: Oct 10
  • Afton said:
    Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for leading us in worship at SLR at Golden Bell Camp up in Divide, Colorado. It was really great and moving! You guys are such a blessing!! Love ya! ~Afton :) Sep 24
  • Lj Clausen said:
    I love you everfound, thank you so much for coming to SLR at Divide, Colorado and being with the students and staff of Belleview Christian. God really used you 4 guys to work in our lives thank you for leading us in worship. We all love you. God bless ~Lauren Sep 24
  • Amanda said:
    You guys were amazing at Lifelight!!!! Hope you come back next year! Sep 06
  • WelchGirl said:
    loved you at lifelight!!! :) Sep 06
  • Deadman_Living said:
    amazing!! keep rockin for Christ!!! Aug 25
  • Toriana said:
    wow! i Jan 18
  • Michelle Christopherson said:
    Enjoyed you at Heavenfest, you are truly blessed. And thankyou for blessing us with your sound, and inspiration Aug 10
  • HeeroElbert@yahoo.com said:
    everfound's music is inspiring Jan 25
  • HeeroElbert@yahoo.com said:
    everfound's music is inspiring Jan 25
  • Nakita said:
    you guys are amazing, after listening to you a lifelight. God really gave you guys a gift. Sep 16

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