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Everdae Pro


Genres: Electronic / Indie / Rock

Location: Downey, CA

Stats: 851 fans / 31,220 plays / 52 plays today






Members: Joseph, Paul, Chris, Hector

Consisting of five members with different backgrounds of music they
have all joined together to create a unique sound. Inspired by many
different artists Everdae does not limit them selves, but rather
incorporate these different sounds into harmonies that will astonish
everyone's ears. With an upbeat sound that will keep you tapping your
feet and words that continue ringing in your ears it is no wonder why
this buzz is a continuous uphill climb. Everdae's music along with
their stage performance is electrifying and will keep all coming back
for more. Always writing, performing, promoting and always excelling;
there is no time wasted when together. Everdae strives and continues
to pursue their goals in hope to spread their music all over. Never
forgetting who they are inside they will carry on creating the notes
of their life and will not stop until they are heard.

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  • Paper Biba said:
    I really like your stuff c: Dec 20
  • I like this band! said:
    hi I am listening to everdae! greetings from argentina! May 27
  • KatherineKayy said:
    put some more songs up:P un possibilidad on free download :D PWEEZE(: haha just' a sayin's :PP Nov 29
  • ❥Kabouaaa (: said:
    ❥ Can't stop listening to you guys. :] Aug 29
  • PoppyPaws said:
    Check these out http://www.purevolume.com/H2BAD They're pretty awesome! Aug 11
  • axel[goes.rawr]™ said:
    ahmazingg stufff(: love you guys:D Nov 16
  • Brooke. said:
    ahh amazing Sep 28
  • The Courier said:
    Okay. You've got me hooked. You've got a penguin shirt. Sep 17
  • Bliss said:
    I love you guys! When are you coming back? Aug 12
  • ♥kelsey. said:
    loooove your music! Aug 07
  • Sarah said:
    I like your kind of music! (: May 30
  • Jess said:
    dude you guys are awesome! :) May 01
  • Andrew said:
    Hey guys! My name's Andrew...I play in the band Soundwaves On Strike. I don't know if you remember, but we opened for you guys recently at St. Joseph's High School. You should add us, we're also on Pure Volume. You guys rocked out! Thanks! Mar 15
  • JoseyKills said:
    i live in paramount you guys are good Mar 14
  • JoseyKills said:
    i live in paramount you guys are good Mar 14

Everdae EP

Nov 30, 1999

Strain Factory


Paper Biba


Michaela Williamson

United States


Burton City, OH

I like this band!

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Kingman, AZ


United States

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