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Evan Brightly


Genres: Indie / Rock

Location: Glendale, AZ

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Evan Brightly - The Narrator

Evan Brightly - The Narrator


  • Rachel crowe said:
    can i be ur biggest fannn!!!!!!!!!???? i facebooked this cause it is so amazing! plz blow up our local scene! Jan 27
  • Rachel crowe said:
    =] GLENDALE REPRESENT =] amazing we need more stuff like this over here Jan 27
  • Francesco said:
    Nice!!! Sep 07
  • LindseyBreann said:
    saw you when you played third thursday AMAZING!!!! I fell in love in the first 10 minutes and ive been looking for you ever since. any shows coming up?? Feb 10
  • !Alex! said:
    i luv ur music put some up 2 download!:0 Jan 28
  • !Alex! said:
    i luv ur music put some up 2 download!:0 Jan 28
  • KAY said:
    i love you. Jan 28
  • Azalee. said:
    (: I love light, all light. Beautifulllll. Jan 11
  • EL1ZA. said:
    Nov 16
  • Kelseycolleen said:
    Hey Evan I really like it. everything sounds tight and right! hard work pays off =) yea and the artwork is really nice too,...surreal I feel like i have heard your name somewhere before, though, have you had any press or toured? Nov 13
  • andrea said:
    I like your stuff! It's pretty cool :) Hope you go far in the music industry! Oct 16
  • breakingben16 said:
    Your music is really great, I plan on buying the cd once I can, also all your artwork is really amazing... My favorites were someone else and run. And right now I'm working on reading the novel. :) Oct 02
  • EeCKKkk... you scared me said:
    Mmhmmm. I like. Sep 28
  • Izzy said:
    Nice music! I reallyyy like "Light, All Light" Nice job! send me a friends invite? Sep 28
  • NoWhereMan said:
    duude the musics pretty good, some of the art work is a bit odd but overall i like it and can i sample the novel without buyimg it? Sep 27

The Narrator

Sep 20, 2008

Dan Anerè

Dallas, PA

Rachel crowe

Glendale, AZ


Buffalo, NY

Megan Michelle

Plano, TX

Liv K.

Carlisle, PA

Liv K.

Carlisle, PA

Liv K.

Carlisle, PA

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