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Everybody loves traditional British lawns, but not everyone loves looking after them! Where this is not possible we minimise use through careful, accurate & correct application whilst encouraging the soil and grass to become healthier over time, thereby reducing the need for weed and disease control as the seasons progress. This is rare in the UK, most commonly affecting annual meadow grass - can be mistaken for drought, however worsens when watered.lawn care advice fall

Occurs when the lawn is stressed due to low fertility, compaction, drought and excessive low mowing heights. Any treatment is best carried out during September, when there is time for the grass to respond before the soil temperatures fall and growth terminates for the season. Regular raking (or scarifying as it known) keeps levels of thatch (old grass stems, dead moss and other debris) at an acceptable level. Do not scarify in spring - opt instead for a light raking, as the lawn edging tips may not recover in summer conditions.

Top-dressing is the application of loam, sand and well-rotted organic matter to a lawn in order to correct surface irregularities and improve the texture of difficult soils. Lawns can suffer from a variety of fungal problems including red thread , fairy rings and take-all patch Damage created by lawn pests such as leatherjackets and chafer grubs , as well as their predators, can be really devastating. Register for the site or sign in to share your experiences on this topic and seek advice from our community of gardeners. Here you can browse the products or use the check boxes on the left of the page to help you choose.

The topic headings in the Lawn Diary will link you to more detail in Lawn Care Advice and also to videos and products discussed in the diary. There is more than one way to mow a lawn so old hands may find a new trick and novices will be prevented from making classic beginner mistakes! You should have a good idea what you need so head on to the SHOP and click the topic heading you want from Fertiliser to Aerating & Scarifying Tools. You'll find this reduces your selection down to manageable and easy options particularly if you are new to lawn care.

As a new gardener I found all the information very important on my decision to buy the products and when I contacted Lawnsmith with a query George replied promptly and I will be purchasing from them again. Good timing makes the difference between a result and a GREAT result so let us send you a reminder when the next Lawn Diary is available. I will personally remove all of the hard work and stress out of creating the perfect lawn. I literally do all of the hard work for you and create that beautiful, thick, lush, green garden lawn that you have always wanted. And we even have, at last, a new, completely up to date book written by an expert.

Posted Jan 04, 2016 at 9:37am