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Escape The Fate - "10 Miles Wide"


Added Jun 09, 2009



Comments (27)

  • Em[]T![]nS / / said:
    dude freakin awesome May 20
  • i bet i can get you to say i'am awesome!!!! :D said:
    hey whos that other dude singing?? he looks sooo familliar hahah XD May 19
  • ஜ Abby Ambrosia's Decay ஜ said:
    This band is the shit. May 05
  • the-good-always-die-young said:
    wow they dont kid when they say that when max got out of rehab he looked A LOT different Feb 28
  • mark said:
    i like the uncensored video Oct 12
  • Joe Seaver!! said:
    SPGD, i agree that Ronnie was much better and that craig was better in Blessthefall, but you got to admit, "What is with these Mother Fucking snakes on this Mother Fucking plane!" is funny. Aug 04
  • Max said:
    Awesoooooooomeeeeeeeeee !!!! Jul 09
  • Bonemush said:
    amazing :) Jun 30
  • TeeCup said:
    this kinda looks like it was trying to copy the situations vdeo...which is much better. sorry guys but Ronnie was way better. Craig kicked butt in Blessthefall.....but now....no so much. Ronnie was the life of the band.... and the voice. Craig screams amazingly, so why did you make such a pansy pop-like cd? my favorite band is now a disappointment. "Escape the FAKE" Jun 23
  • smilesareinsanity said:
    i luv u guys craig my favorite Jun 15
  • pigmonster said:
    Wow you guys fucking suck dick ronnie is way fucking better and what the fuck is up with the other douchbag Josh Todd from buck Cherry they suck dick wow Escape the Fate really SUCKS!!!! Jun 15
  • Pyramids Of Monsbiza said:
    omg i love this video =D: yay buck cherrys JOSH TODD =D: escape the fate is AMAZING =D: Jun 14
  • disciple522 said:
  • RJwb said:
    yahh is that the guy from buck cherry i love etf but ronnie is better still Jun 14
  • Tony said:
    always fucking awsome! Jun 13