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"The Flood"


Added Sep 16, 2008



Comments (61)

  • ROSA said:
    LOVE it!!!:D Jan 15
  • Memories_of_feeling said:
    nice song Apr 30
  • xArkAngelx said:
    i like the music sounds good craig is like trying to act like ronnie its sad lol Feb 26
  • margie said:
    I love this song Dec 07
  • Kayla said:
    awesomeness! it looks like they were having so much fun! I'm kinda jealous. lol Dec 01
  • Taylor777 said:
    Pimpin vid but i wish Mr.Craig Mabbitt was still in bless the fall! Nov 25
  • MUJOVIN!! said:
    awsome video they are a great band. Nov 20
  • JakilynnLindaNykole(: said:
    that licking action was realllllylyyyy hot :) Nov 18
  • JakilynnLindaNykole(: said:
    i agree with paige. :( Nov 18
  • HannahBrieGutierrez [Hype] said:
    Woah! I love the microphone licking! That was hott! Nov 10
  • Paige said:
    It's good but its missing something.... RONNIE! :[ Oct 31
  • =]ChrissyXcore said:
    omg i listen to this every day 10X i lovvve it i cant wait to get the cd!! aggggrrr i need to head over to target! Oct 31
  • Alexandra said:
    i'm kinda lovin it! Oct 27
  • Cassie said:
    Eeeeee, I met Craig a few months back just before he split with BTF. He's a proper nice guy! Loveeee them :) Oct 24
  • Jo∃✘Bum ツ said:
    oh gosh i jst fell in love with escape the fate all over again! XD Oct 17