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Added Jul 10, 2008


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  • Ever_Macintyre said:
    um...river just for kicks...get a life!!!! Dec 21
  • Garrett Challies said:
    lolz go twevorrr! :P May 07
  • River said:
    wtf? thats gayyy i just wasted like 5 minutes of my fucking life reading that shit! thanks a lot ass holes. haha Sep 11
  • twevorrr said:
    dude everyone stop like hatin on craig he rocks he is the new lead singer so get used to it Mar 27
  • danishugga_ said:
    Feb 01
  • Luce said:
    Love them (L) Oct 02
  • *Emo Leprechaun* said:
    i think ronnie was better for ETF Craig is only good as blessthefall. but w/e is this what happens in a band when you have a band member you praise him and then when they are gone you diss them? your new songs are "OK" not better than what you had when ronnie was there Sep 23
  • Ta said:
    YAY me i have this article i got so excited...mmmmmm...max is sooo hot!! Aug 20
  • Kaley Owens said:
    im glad you guys r still together. jail is probally the best place for ronnie especially now. but i do want to kno y its craig singing when he left btf to be w/ his family. either way if the music is great ima still support u guys! Jul 13
  • ms.vengeance7 said:
    i have this article in my mag Jul 12
  • Khali Rulez d00d said:
    =O Jul 11
  • Jazmin said:
    Hey, I have that issue ^_^ Jul 11
  • rochelle benzedrine said:
    i love Escape The Fate, and god nows i always will. but i'm not gonna lie and say i miss Ronnie, but i am sooo happy you guys are still fighting through all the shit that's been thrown at you!! I AM SOO PROUD OF YOU BOYS! keep up all the amazing shit, okay!? Jul 11
  • CAITLYNxchaos. said:
    idols :] Jul 10