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  • Sam DeBurns Red said:
    DUDE! Check out this cute guy's Piano pop punk project and download some sweet music :) Pshhh enough of that stupidity. I'd love it if you checked out my solo project, The Neighborhood of Make Believe and enjoyed some tunes! Thanks, SKD purevolume.com/tnomb Feb 23
  • Sam DeBurns Red said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/tnomb Feb 23
  • Kalin Allen said:
    ETF is just not ETF without Ronnie Feb 23
  • Jaรminℓ♥ said:
    damn ETF music is huge Feb 19
  • ChEcKeRs said:
    Dang I need some more downloads of you guys. Feb 14
  • Elaineabell :) said:
    One more word and we'll cut out your eyes One more time left to say your goodbyes (so say em) ahh favorite part of the song :D lmao. so violent! >:D Feb 13
  • Hasan Shirazi said:
    \m/ Feb 08
  • CDag2 said:
    wow what happened to ETF?!?!?! this sounds like shit..craig is terrible..ronnie needs to come back and make great music with you guys...this sounds nothing like you used to..fml all the good bands are slowly vanishing. Feb 03
  • H3idi.xX said:
    You need to post Issues. I love that song :) Feb 01
  • !sidney.scream! said:
    "i touched her ohh, she touched my ahh," (; ESCAPE THE FATE ! haters fuck offf. Feb 01
  • AJ said:
    this guy's a faggot not even perfect!! the tattoos! Jan 31
  • we are the prada said:
    bad blood? more like BAD MUSIC. you guys are awful now. KICK CRAIG OUT!!! just sayin... Jan 27
  • JenniCannibal^^ said:
    You, everytime we touch, yeah you know you got me on pins and needles. Oh, it's not about the lust, yeah you know got me, on pins and needles Jan 26
  • Marcos said:
    something Jan 25
  • Ryan Hidayat said:
    Bad Blood ... Scream \m/ Jan 25
  • Just Brittany said:
    Can't wait to see you guys Friday at the Masquerade!!!! I'll be alittle late, but as long as I get to see you guys play I'll be okay... Favorite band by the way Jan 25
  • cameron ugh official said:
    awesome shit Jan 24
  • Chloe Sanders said:
    i love you(: Jan 22
  • sarah xD said:
    bad blood is so nice :°) rawtch Jan 22
  • Lizz said:
    cough MAX GREEN cough haha i love everyone in escape the fate Jan 20

Events (10)

Feb 08

Vienna, Austria

8:00pm at Szene Wien
Feb 09

Prague, Czech Republic

7:00pm at Rock Cafe
Feb 10

Berlin, Germany

8:00pm at Bi Nuu
Feb 11

Hamburg, Germany

9:00pm at Logo
Feb 12

Amsterdam, Netherlands

7:00pm at Melkweg Oude Zaal