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Escape From Earth


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Pop

Location: Chicago, IL

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4 tracks

Members: Chris Sernel, Andy Ahn and Scott Dalheim

Escape From Earth has been around since 2002, but Chris and Andy started the second chapter in January of 2005 with the addition of Scott and Mike. Our "3 Seconds East" EP was released in early 2004 produced by Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd and Kiss) and Rae Dileo (Filter and Veruca Salt) and has sold over 2,000 copies in the midwest alone. We won the MTV/Coke Make It Real contest over 5,000+ local bands that entered. The winnings included a nationally televised commercial for 3 weeks on MTV and a one page ad in the Dec05/Jan06 issue of Teen People magazine. We released our new record called "WHO DO I HAVE TO KILL?" on Cupcake Records in May 2006 which was produced by Rae Dileo. We've toured with the likes of Switchfoot, Army of Anyone, Butch Walker, Taproot, and Quietdrive.


  • Jen said:
    hey guys, its mckenzie one of the girls in the basketball match. r u guys going to play at onefest again? that\'d be awesome. WE WANT OUR REMATCH! lol love- mckenzie stultz Sep 04
    hey guys. its tayler. one of the basketball girls from onefest. how have you guys been? we want our remach still^_^ -tayler. Apr 13
  • vmvamp said:
    EFE is the most underrated band of all time! Keep on rockin! Jan 27
  • alillama620 said:
    you guys effin rock! Jan 21
  • SamiSas07 said:
    u guys need some of ur old stuff on here too! Nov 17
  • mapcivic4 said:
    p.s. chris, don\'t think you remember me, but i saw you when you opened for (hed) PE....Matthew Perry...Chandler....just thought i would throw that one out there, see if ya did. haha good luck to you all with your new record label! Oct 17
  • mapcivic4 said:
    how in moses did i miss you guys....and with the rasmus nonetheless?!? wow, i really missed out on that one. i havent seen you guys for probably about 2 years now at least....i should be ashamed of myself...i\'ve let myself fall out of the local chicago scene. well, school at NIU has been very busy, maybe that\'s it. I\'ll definitely have to see y\'all again very soon....keep us updated on tour dates! Oct 17
  • Homemade Frosting said:
    Even though Riverfest was, like, two months ago, why weren\'t you guys there? I was reeeeeeeeeeally looking forward to seeing you guys. Well, even if you were there, I wouldn\'t have been able to give you a new fishy because I didn\'t win one. =[ Alright, I still loooove you guys. Sep 09
  • The Giggler said:
    Hey guys!! Im one of ur friends on myspace too! Could u maybe try to add Beautiful to ur playlist cuz thts my fav. outta ur songs! Jul 24
  • pachoncita said:
    Add Comment here... Jul 20
  • GoddessOfLove said:
    haha i have given ya\'ll like 5 comments on myspace so i decided to leave you one on here too!! Ya\'ll so rock my pants off! luv ya! can\'t wait to see you when you come to TX! Cassie! Jun 06
  • Homemade Frosting said:
    How\'s riverfest coming along? I\'m very excited, but don\'t perform on the days Shinedown and REO Speedwagon will be there because I really want to see both of them. May 30
  • said:
    i . love . you May 09
  • Homemade Frosting said:
    So I hear you crazy kids are going to do an EP with Authors Of. I May 05
  • Homemade Frosting said:
    Here is my fourth comment. I already have THREE IN A ROW. [Big accomplishment.] As you [Chris, Scotty, Andy, Ahn, whomever it is] are thinking to yourself \"Wow, this girl leaves realy lame comments on our site, but I guess that shows how devoted she is, or maybe this just shows the lack of a social life she has. But, whatever the case may be, she still really likes us even after Scotty killed her fisy.\" [Don\'t worry Scotty, I still haven\'t forgotten.] Well, I love you kids more than an old woman loves making cookies [stereotypically speaking, of course]. May 01

Who Do I Have To Kill?

May 02, 2006

Three Seconds East

Oct 01, 2003

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