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Ernie Carletti


Genres: Metal / Rock / Progressive

Location: Elkton, MD

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Members: Solo artist and guitar teacher www.erniecarletti.com

Ernie Carletti is a master guitarist who not only performs live , (currently with ICED EARTH ) but is a renowned instructor residing in Maryland, USA and instructing in diverse performance styles from classical to metal.

Mastering his craft beyond 17 years and teaching in excess of 14, Ernie's skills are currently in demand by 100 students weekly in the Elkton, MD and Wilmington, DE areas. In addition to personal student sessions, Ernie offers email, video and member download instruction to students world-wide via his website.

Ernie's live performance experience has traversed him through various regional bands including Mazkerade, Oversoul, Uforia, Scream Clan, Naughty Naughty, Slik Helvetika, and Blackball. Ernies phenomenal shredding prowess and genre stretching dexterity have made him a much sought after jam partner and session player throughout his career.

Ernie is deeply involved with the bands to which he contributes his immense talents and views them as important chapters in the life he paves as an artist while he continues to pursue his solo career on multiple levels.

Ernie was apprentice to guitar aficionado Greg Howe (Michael Jackson, NSYNC, Justin Timberlake) among others, whom he admires today as absolutely amazing. Ernie Carletti is proud to be sponsored by Bernie Rico Jr. Guitars, Gibson Gear, Voodoo Amps, Hot Picks USA, Damage Control, and Voodoo Lab.


  • Xxmid night lightXx {WISHING AMONG A STAR OF HOPELESS} said:
    yo you fucken rock! comment me. to bad you are way out there for a guitar teacher and not hear in CA cuz i need a teacher to teach me over hear cuz i want to learn and start a band! love what you do and to bad you are not hear in CA! it sux im suffering tring to find someone to teach me that me mom and dad can afford to teach me! Jun 26
  • albhed999 said:
    You rock, man. Jul 31


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