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To purchase Or Rent Property in London

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If you have been considering whether or not to rent property working in london or make the leap and buy, you can't have missed a few of the amazing twists and turns the marketplace has had in recent times. The capital has become probably the most expensive cities in the world for property rent per sq . ft ., yet still it continues to attract people throughout the world keen to rent and buy. This five minute guide to some of the ins and outs of the London market recently might help you before you head for the auctions: 3 reasons why people choose to rent and equally Three reasons why it's a good time to buy.

3 Reasons People Decide to Rent Property In London

1. Homebuyers Aren't able to find Their Ideal home

Many people are choosing to rent because the supply of housing to buy has fallen which makes it tougher for them to find their dream home. The number of new build homes had decreased dramatically, and the this past year saw the cheapest levels of new develops record since the lowest ever on record in 1923. Property rent prices currently mean they may be well accommodated in the meantime.


2. Many Are Waiting For More Favourable Mortgage Conditions

As well as a shortage of preference so far as obtaining the right home goes, some are experiencing difficulty securing a home loan to match them, as lending has markedly decreased recently. Many are opting to bide their time and simply rent property in London within the interim.

3. Renting May be the New Vogue

No matter how long they've embraced the London lifestyle for, one trend that's emerging is that Londoners are actually starting to stick to the European model, with owning a home less of a priority for many young professionals than in previous years. Many will be inevitably priced out however, many are merely less worried about buying compared to generation before them. The average London property rent ranges from £120 a week or a studio to a staggering £12,000 for luxury accommodation, meaning the town will suit many types of renters.

Three reasons People Decide to Buy Property Working in london

1. Buy To allow May Be A Good Investment

As noted above, it comes with an extremely strong demand for rented accommodation working in london which is prompting many to take a position this is a great time for you to purchase buy-to-let properties. It's also been speculated that alongside an increasing demand within the rental sector, London property rent will only increase.

To purchase Or Rent Property working in london

2. The 2012 Olympics

There has been great excitement within some London sectors concerning the hosting of the 2012 Olympics bringing good investment opportunities to the main city. There are now emerging 'property hotspots' for the East of the city where prices are still less than elsewhere within the capital yet what's available looks like it's tempting buyers from more expensive areas. Some are speculating now is the time to purchase and then wait for some time until after the Olympics before selling, to obtain a better roi.

3. House Prices Are Predicted To Climb From 2011

As well as the 2012 Olympics, another timely reason to buy is the fact that some property insiders are predicting property prices will start to climb from 2011. Some are even predicting as much as a 43% rise in house prices for premium properties within the next five years. So even though the London property pages have certainly seen their fair share of doom and gloom in recent years, there are lots of arguments to state that purchasing within the capital still represents an excellent purchase of your future.

Posted Oct 29, 2012 at 4:03pm