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The Myth Surrounding Duplicate Content

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On the subject of internet marketing, in particular search engine optimization along with backlink building, there is often a lot of uncertainty over duplicate content.

As the name indicates, duplicate content is any situation in which the same content appears in in many places.

So as an example, a popular backlink building tactic is marketing with articles.

You write a piece of written content, submit it to dozens or even many more article directory sites or blog networks and then connect to the desired website from each one of these posts.

The way most people get confused with duplicate content is where they think that getting the same piece of content posted on multiple websites and linked to your site will probably cause Google to place a penalty on your website.

But this is just not true, and you'll find a few reasons for this.

To begin with, some time before marketing with articles becoming as widespread as it is currently, content had been widely distributed on the world wide web by media providers and you can assure you that there were absolutely no penalties being placed on anyone then just as there aren't any these days.

The next reason Google would not punish your site for having backlinks from many instances of exactly the same article is because it would open up the door for black hat practices by competitors.

There are lots of individuals operating online who're ready to do whatever it takes to generate money. If these people knew that they could produce a decline of their opponents search engine listings thru this use of article syndication you can be certain they'd they would have been doing so by now.

Google is mindful of this so they won't penalize you for using this sort of article marketing.

There is no doubt that having a hundred different articles distributed to one hundred different sites with links back to your website should have a much better influence compared to a single article published on a hundred sites.

But that is a lot of content that has to be created and that takes time and or money.

So what is the answer?

Well a common solution is referred to as content spinning.

In essence you find an article and make use of an article spinner to produce what's known as a spun article. That spun article has the ability to create hundreds and possibly thousands of versions that can subsequently be published throughout the internet making it a powerful backlink technique.

Now there is I time when your site can be penalized for duplicate material and that is where you have multiple instances of the same written content within you website.

So as long as you're making sure that any content you have on your site is unique from any other piece of content then you'll never encounter any issues with a duplicate content punishment.

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Posted May 18, 2012 at 10:42am