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Ben Clark: Eric Pelly. all the way back to a.m. kindergarden, the name ment something to me. we grew up together all the way to middle school, until we sort of drifted apart. Im so sorry that it happened. when we went to recess back at hosack elementary...i always said a little side prayer that Eric would be on our team for dodgeball, kickball, or basketball. as i just wrote that, i remember his value in anything we played...Eric was always counted as 3 kids, our buddy Alex Grega always counted as 2 kids, and everyone else was even. I remember when Friday Fun Nights came around Eric would go first in floor hockey and that i would eventually go last, but it was all good...because i would most likely be on Pelly's team. I remember the night he called me to sleep over, after he had called everyone else with no luck. we slept in his treehouse with his brother Reed and his friend, and talked about how cold it was that night and what we were gonna do in the distant future. although he tried his best to include me in his wide group of friends, i always preferred to be less involved than hed like me to be. Im so glad god planned for him to be in my life. And i hope and pray that i can have 1% of the drive and passion Eric had in everything he set out to do. If i would do that, id be content. Eric, we as a family miss you. I pray for your family and the community. I also pray for everyone up in heaven who think for one minute they can match your insane passion.

mike lorish: You were a true warrior on the rink and probably the only person I know that after getting in a fight on the rink or just crushing someone against the boards, or even getting hit yourself, get so mad and scream and yell then turn around and give that big smile and just laugh it off. Love you man Rest in Peace my friend.

Andy Trettel: I remember walking into family consumer science class on my first day at na. Knowing absolutely noone, i took a seat next to a big kid with spiked hair. As I soon began to realize, this kid was something special. Never pessimistic or rude in any way, he introduced me to what would eventually become my best friends. I am often told that I am very competetive at sports and other activities, but Eric was one of the people that made me look like I was half-assing it. From weight-lifting to basketball, Eric gave it all, and although some people may have laughed at his face or often self-inflicted injuries, it was just Eric being Eric, and he would not be denied anything. Your memories will live forever, for a day does not go by when someone does not bring up an Eric Pelly story, and it instantly puts a smile on everyone's face. From this day on, I will never do a rep or hit a ball half hearted. I will look to the sky, suck up the pain, and get the job done. I will make you proud. Miss you.

Michael Dice-It is a terrible thing when a boy is referred to in the past tense. It feels like you had so much more to do in life, so many more people to affect. I know how smart you were and how passionate you have been with your sports. If only I could refer to you in the present. We used to play kick ball and football in the cul-de-sac with all the neighborhood kids when we were younger. Our older brothers were best friends. Stuffed into the back seats of our parents' cars, we would joke and tell stories on the way to Duquesne for Tele-Community while Ryan and Reed sat in the front seats. We were always friends but in the past few years we didn't hang out much which I regret so much. I wish I had spent more time with you because you had such a unique personality and a great sense of humor. I wish your wonderful family didn't have to suffer this tragedy. Your death has opened my eyes to what an effect a great man's death can have on so many people. Everyone who knew you is mourning and even those that didn't know you are greatly saddened by your death. Eric Pelly, you were a great person and will be greatly missed by everyone. I know that you are in a better place right now and hope that wherever you may be you can see how much you are loved.

Joey Shevchik - This summer I had the honor and privilege of getting to know Eric Pelly. I distinctly remember seeing him at a bond fire with those blood-shot eyes. I must have been the tenth person to ask him what happened in the span on 15 minutes. My question was immediately greeted with his characteristic smile and laugh, and then his scuba-diving story. We got to talk that night about his trip to Mexico and how he wanted to go there for his senior trip. Some of the stories he told me, convinced me right then and there that a trip with him to Mexico would be unforgettable. I am still going to plan that senior trip, and wherever I end up going I know Pelly will be right there with me living it up!

shannon neugebauer: Eric Pelly has made an impact on my life. He would attend every family party we would have. He was a fun loving guy and I will always remember him. He was especially close with my two cousins Adam Neugebauer and Sean Gross. They are both going through so much pain right now of losing their best friend. I can remember when there was a party at Adams house and Eric was there and we all played release with him and he was soo much fun to have around. He always knew how to put a smile on your face. The last thing he said to me was "I AM ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU WHEN YOU NEED ME." He will never be forgotten and he will always be in my prayers. I LOVE YOU ERIC! REST IN PEACE: MAY ANGELS LEAD YOU IN. =(

Juila: Dear Eric,
When I saw you in the casket today, I could barely walk. I am so sory your life had to end short. But seeing all the pictures of you in those dorky costumes we used to wear, and in your mom's bubble bath made me smile && its what is getting me through today. Remember when we used to eat peanut buuter and jelly sandwiches in your treehouse?
I rememeber u loved penguins too! So we made pictures and put penguin stickers on them. When I was younger I always used to tell my mom that I was going to marry you. hehe. Because you were my best friend then. There are so many things I rememebr doing with you I couldnt even name them all. Like playing basketball till really late, you and me helping my dad put up my new swingset or laughing at the dumbest things. I even remember watching Barney with you. haha. Remember that one time when that boy beat me up in preschool...but you let him have it? awe Eric...you were the best friend any little girl could ask for. Thank you for all those wonderful memories I will keep so sacred in my heart. I love you. God will take care of you && i hope that one day, you and I can play in the big treehouse in Heaven.
- Julie

Cat Pylant-the one thing i will miss the most about eric is his laugh. since the first time i heard it, it was just one of the many things i loved about eric. the past few years i have been lucky enough to have classes with him let alone sit by him because of our last names. this year i had first period with him, i learned about the differnt kind of tattoos eric wanted needless to say the most creative ones, learned his passion for rugby which i always told him he was crazy for playing, and i also learned he never left anyone out. every friday morning he would come into our room and make sure to ask every single person if they were going to the football game, if they were not he would use his sweet talk and persuade them into going even offer rides- anythign to get them to the game. Eric was truly one of a kind. love you and miss you Eric.

Derick Schmidt - As many of you may know, Eric Pelly was a member of the volleyball team in 9th and 10th grade. I was a senior when he joined the JV team, and I instantly noticed Eric as a phenomenal athlete. I soon began to talk to him and realized there was one thing that overshadowed his presence on the court though; his presence off of it. Those of us who have gone through the volleyball teams throw around the word 'family' a lot, but often the meaning is lost on us. On Wednesday morning I checked my voicemail and the instant I heard the words "do you remember Eric Pelly" coupled with the tone of my friends voice, my heart sank. I stood motionless in the middle of the street listening to what had happened, and at that moment I realized why Coach Schall calls us a family. I had lost a brother. RIP Eric Pelly...loved and respected by all, forgotten by none.
To the one I never knew
I watch the tears of all around me
Crash to the floor hardly and fully
Of the love and passion they share for you
And the memories you have been through

I've learned what an amazing person you were
And wonder the times you were right in front of me
Anger with myself for not realizing; now I find myself sitting here crying

You were a man most aspire to be
You are in my every thought and dream
Follow the angles, they'll take you home
I'll meet you outside the gates of god's grace.
To Eric's friends, family, and all those who had the honor of meeting him, I am praying for you.
Kara Jewell

Valerie M.:Eric... I didnt know you extremely well but I knew you well enough to know that you are one hilarious, nice, dedicated, and loving person. My dad was one of Pelly's hockey coaches for NA Inline for two years. On that team my brother played, Ricky. I was the "coaches daughter" and loved goin to the games to cheer on all of the players. Pelly was always one who made the game so exciting, he was soooo dedicated to the team and game. I remember the times that he would get so pumped up and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world! As I look back on those games it makes me smile because I know that he was living the life he wanted to live. He was such a nice person and I remember numerous times at the NA football games looking up in the stands at all the "older kids" and seeing him with his chest painted with a huge smile on his face! We will never forget the big-hearted kid, Eric Pelly.

Claire Xu- I never got to know you. I knew your name, recognized your face, and could identify you as the one with the huge snake around your shoulders at every football game. But we never spoke, never shared a class, never found an opportunity to really get to know each other. And even though I didn't know your favorite food, or what made you smile, or what you wanted to be, I do know that you loved life and loved those you shared your life with. I see those who mourn your irreplaceable void, I feel your absence and the emptiness that lingers in the hallways and seeps into our hearts, and I realize that you were a great person, someone truly special. Now I will never get to hear your famous laugh and I'm sorry I never took the time to stop and listen for it. Your memory will carry on; you have touched the lives of everyone who knew you, and even some who didn't. Rest in peace, Eric.

Drew Goldbach:On the first day of school in 6th grade I walked into my homeroom and saw no one I knew. I looked around and found a seat next to the most genuine person I have ever met, Eric Pelly. Eric and I became good friends in 6th grade sharing laughs and stories. I always wondered how a kid like Eric, popular and athletic, could become friends with me, but he never cared how you fit in. All that he cared about was what you were on the inside, as a person. I can't help but remember the times we had togethergolfing, hockey, and just hanging out. He introduced me to a lot of my friends I have today. To my regret we grew further and further away through high school. There would always be a "Hey" in the hall and the occasional short chat, but he had his things and I had mine. Not keeping in touch with Eric is something I'm always going to regret. On the first day of school every year I always had the hope that Eric would be in just one of my classes so we could become friends again. Reflecting on this now we were still friends. Even though we hadn't talked in a long time I knew that Eric was there if I needed him, just like with anybody else. His presence could cheer anyone up. I know now Eric is looking down on us now smiling. Eric Pelly was a great friend, brother, and son who will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace Eric. We all Love you.

Josh Petruska: I only knew Eric for a short year but during that year he made my life change in so many ways. Not only was he a great friend and a good listener, but also an extraordinary person with extraordinary qualities. The sound of his laugh would always put a smile on my face regardless the situation. When no one else would laugh at my jokes you could hear his uproarious laugh. That's just the type of person he was. He is responsible for putting so many smiles on everyone's faces and a little more love in everybody's hearts.Eric was one of the most charismatic, fun loving people I have ever met. He just loved life and lived every single day to its fullest. I would always tell him funny stories of work and school just to hear his laugh. I'm gonna miss hearing Mrs. Boyles voice telling him to wake up every morning. I'll always remember his crazy stories of his weekend parties and his nonstop asking me if I wanted my windows tinted. I miss u Eric and will never ever forget that tremendous smile and ridiculous laugh.

Tina: the first thing i remember about my times with eric was our neverending talks. he was so open to listen to me and help me out in any way possible. whether it was in spanish class, in the hallway, or sitting in my driveway after taking me home from school, eric was making me laugh nonstop and smile ear to ear. his laugh was not only contageous but constant. he lived his life to the fullest and i learned so much from this kid it was unbelievable. he was so passionate about everything he did and would have nothing less than his best out there. i know that all of us should try our best to be more like the kid with the biggest heart and the most honest soul. he had such an impact on anyone he met.
i cherrish every single memory i made with him from morning bus rides in middle school to holding him in the second half of the football games to warm him up. eric took care of me and i always told him he was my big brother. eric, i love you with all my heart and i will never forget you.

Shannon Neugebauer:
Why is the question. I ask it everyday
The question is simple but can not
Be answered.
The question is why did
You take him away? I sit. I cry. I think
Yet nothing comes to mind.
He was to Young and was to sweet to
be taken. Why I ask over and over again
in this Nightmare I try to awaken myself but
Nothing is able to take this thought
From my mind. I try to take the pain
And I myself have now felt the pain
The boy suffered that very day.
I do not Understand after days go by.
Why the Lord chose to take him from
Our lives
He had watched the boy run and play the game he loved
And then he watched him die.
The pain still hurts. And my question still
Is why?

Cj Cooper: he once told me he wasnt afraid of anybody...

Justin Napper:Eric has made such an impact on every person that has ever been graced with his presence. He always had a smile on his face and always had his head up. His parents should be proud for raising such an amazing indivdual as Eric. He not only touch the lives of his close friends but every single person that he has given a "what's up" to. It just doesnt seem fair for him to have been taken away from us so early, Eric had so much promise and such a bright future. But I know for a fact that Eric is looking down at us smiling and looking out for us all. Eric you will be missed by all. I love you Eric Pelly.

Nicky B: Whether we were in the locker room, on the rink, in the school hallways, or tailgating at a football game, whenever I needed a quick pick up or laugh, I could always turn to Eric Pelly. There is not one person on this Earth who lives like Eric did: so full of passion and drive, so full of life. His presence could be felt from a mile away, and as I sit here now I feel it...I always will. Eric has been my hockey teammate since 7th grade, and although he was such an asset to the team, that is trivial to me. I am simply blessed just to have known him. It was an honor to have known you, Eric Pelly, my teammate, my friend, I will NEVER forget you. May the Lord be with you and your family always.

Dave Synder:"I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die." John 11:25-26

Chad Power: The loss of a great friend and an ever greater person deepens your appreciation for what you have now. I only wish I could have that appreciation for my friends and still have Eric himself. RIP Eric Pelly. We all love you.

Alli Cohen: Eric: You are such a ray of sunshine.That hard-ass kid who cursed out refs just balenced out that happy-go-lucky guy who had one of the most genuine, richest personalities I've ever known. Mrs. Eckert misses you hitting on her, Mrs. Boyle misses having to wake you up in class, and I miss that extremely contagious laugh of yours. You are so deeply missed and I pray that you know how many people you've touched. God Bless You.

Dave Berstrom: i sit here and think what can be said or what can be done, but when it comes down to it, what can be done or said about a group of friends that grew up together n loses a member of their crew? or a family that loses a son and brother?... nothin can be said besides the fact that eric was a person we should all strive to be more like, he'll be missed forever n always and that i am unbelievably sorry for everything

Alex Calder: when i was in 7th grade and he was in 8th i had a superbowl party and a bunch of people were over. He went streaking with a paper plate over his stuff and was runnin around. Chad was acting like a lead blocker then somebody tackled him right in the snow- it was something i'll always remember

Johnny H::Last year when i needed a freind Eric stepped in as one of my best. The kid went balls to the wall in everything he did . He was a Great rugby player/teamate and an even better freind I love and miss you so much. Thanks for all the good times and rides everywhere , take good care of me and watch my ass you dont know the impact you made on everyone

Liz W.:
Dear God
I am uncontrollably emotional now. The death of Eric has brought doubtful thoughts to my head. I keep asking Why? Why Eric? Why any teenager? Why right now? These sayings of "only the good die young" and "everything happens for a reason" just are not of comfort. I want to know WHY the good die young and what this socalled reason is. If there is an explanation, I want to hear it. To me, you are simply being unfair.While this incident proved to awaken my senses and my daily routine, I want to know if such a drastic measure was necessary. It seems unfair to me some get the chance to chase their dreams, and some don't. Why didnt Eric get to be the amazing man he would have been? I can't seem to shake the three letter word W-H-Y. My head is spinning from all of the questions and my firm grip on reality that i once knew is now a gasping breath. The circumstances that I now face are much harsher. In the next few days, tons of Eric's friends will be attending services in memory of his positive nature. Funerals seem all too familiar, seeing that my grandpa died 3 weeks ago. When my grandpa died, he had lived his life. He had accomplished his goals. He had built a life for himself. I got to say goodbye to my grandfather. I never thought a goodbye was going to be necessary for Eric. I thought see ya later would do. Now i am stuck with tons of unanswered questions that are eating away at me. Who is next? Will it be my best friend next time? I find myself asking all types of questions, but I have to keep stopping and realize my selfishness. What about Eric's family and HIS BEST FRIENDS? How can I possibly ease anyone's pain? What can I say? Nothing. I am numb as are those who knew the funloving Pelly that I knew. The kid who would show up at every NA game this year in Booty shorts, body paint, and a giant snake. Help me understand why I am here and he is not, and help me to live my life to the fullest with the same passion and positivity as Eric. Help the class of '07 unite and stop worrying about the petty things. Help us put our past behind us and look forward to a bright future filled with goals such as Eric had. Help us make Eric proud.

Rob Waltko and Nick Merillio: last year in study hall he would always talk about this tatoo that he wanted, he was crazy as hell but you couldnt help but just sit back and love the kid, he was truely one of a kind

Norm G: I have a lot of unforgettable memories of Eric in the twelve years of school we attended together, dating back to when we met in kindergarten at Hosack. Nothing compares to the pain of losing a genuine friend and fellow classmate. I remember Eric as the kid always chosen first in dodgeball or anything we did at gym or recess. We always had to make up the teams with him in mind, because he was the biggest, strongest kid. He was a competitor and was always the kid to beat at everything.
In the years following elementary school, we grew apart a little (something I truly regret), but he would always offer me a "whats up?" and ask how my family and I were doing. Sometimes we would reminisce about elementary school and the teachers that his little sister would have. We went to eight years of CCD at Saint Ursula's, and he was a devoted member of our church. While the rest of us were just trying to get through the class on Sundays or Mondays, Eric had a true understanding of religion and a strong relationship with God. His overall positive attitude and enthusiasm for life is indicative of the influence and closeness of his family and friends.
I can't help but peruse old yearbooks and pictures and remember all the good times we had on sleepovers, field trips, and other school activities as kids. Even back then, he was an athletic, intelligent, popular kid, and these qualities would stay with him for the rest of his short life. It was because of kids like him that I became interested in sports and strove for academic excellence in the classroom. He lives on because the way he lived affected the lives of so many, including mine. This is his lasting impression on me.

Name Not Given:cold, crisp leaves weep and tremble,
shake and cry, watch embraces,
and sleeves drying eyes.
the prettiest season bids goodbye,
waiting, praying for better news,
brighter times, cheeks unstained.
but saline sorrow fills our words,
our breaths, our thoughts,
as our pulses resonate with disbelief.
and the trees will lose their final leaf,
golden hues no longer line the street.
bare branches and stronger voices,
but we could never forget.

Jeff Klindworth: one night, back when we all lived for poker, cj was having one of our many poker nights. i was home alone with no ride and i got online to try and find one. i started talking to eric just to see if he was going and the next thing i knew he was on his way to pick me up... i live about 15 minutes away from him and he lives less than a minute away from cj... its those kinds of simple things that make you truly realize what a good person is -- we love and miss you pelly--

Lizz Manis: Every memory I have of Eric is either has his unforgettable laugh, or that really mad/pumped up face that he always made. In Spanish last year, we had "talk with tao." He would listen to my countless girl problems as i yelled them out to him. If I walked in the room with one hint of sadness on my face, he would say, "Lizzy, i think its talk with tao time." Not many guys can say they would listen to every problem that a girl has, but he did and he was there cheering me up and had me laughing in no time. I don't know how I'm going to make it without him. He was truely a genuine person, and I am sure that he had an impact on many lives. Rest In Peace, Eric. I love you so much, and you will always be in our hearts.

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