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Eric McGrath

"Quests of Inventive Warrior Phinasor"


Genres: Progressive / Jazz / Pop

Location: Manchester, NH

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4 tracks

Members: Eric McGrath & RM Allegiance

This is the site for Eric McGrath's solo projects. Two tracks from his latest 2014 release "Quests of Inventive Warrior Phinasor" can be heard here. Also check out "Seven Revelations of Morpheus" and "A Moment of Grace." Since the release of "Quests of Phinasor" Eric has been recording music in his other project with Ken Pepe called "Eyeing the Sky." This is the lineup for "Quests" from 2014:

Eric McGrath: Keyboards,Vocals
Ken Pepe: Bass
Marlena Phillips: Lead Vocals
Alex Rindone: Drums

Tracks written and composed by Eric McGrath: Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
Pejman Rahimi: Guitar(Seven Revelations of Morpheus and Final Episode)
Alex Rindone: Drums and Production

Also check out RM Allegiance here at purevolume and on reverbnation:

Eric McGrath: Keyboards
Pejman Rahimi: Guitar and bass
Al Hebert: Bass