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Genres: Death Metal / Metal

Location: Alexandria, VA, Hawaii, Sebring, Fl, VA

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4 tracks

Members: Chris Clover - Vocals/Drums, Matt Neyland- Guitar, Aaron "erFiq" Brown - Bass, Chris Schoonover - Guitar, Ed Corpse555 M. (Guest), Omar Waqar (Guest)

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erFiq was formerly known as "Death is Certain" in the early 2000's. In early 2005 the band went in to start recording there album and then took a break. During that time on February 25th, 2006 close friend and bassist Aaron "erFiq" Brown was shot and killed at an Alexandria, VA iHop by off duty police officer Carl Stow. This caused the hiatus to become indefinite as Aaron was and is still seen as irreplaceable. Just a short time later on April 21st, 2006 another close friend and our gear technician, Jeremiah "Great Bear" Martin passed away in his sleep from a combination of medication prescribed by his doctor that relaxed him to the point where he stopped breathing. The remaining members,Chris Clover - Vocals/Drums, Matt Neyland - Guitar and Chris Schoonover - Guitar drifted in separate ways causing the album to never be properly mixed/mastered or released. Matt Neyland went on to play guitar for the DC Funk Band "Knee Deep", Chris Schoonover joined the Army and is currently stationed in Hawaii, and Chris Clover is married and living in Florida where he recently was diagnosed with severe nerve damage in the neck, spinal chord, both arms, and both legs. We have now decided to finally release the album in honor of both Aaron and Jeremiah with all profits going to Chris Clovers medical fund. The album will feature completely re-mixed/re-mastered/and re-vamped versions of the original recording sessions with Aaron (with a guest solo on Overcome by Ed Corpse555 M.) as well as a re-mixed/re-mastered version of the Memorial Edition of "Kill The Plague" recorded in 2006 and 3 brand new never before heard songs with guest guitar appearances by Ed Corpse555 M from BD out of New York on the track "Medusa" inspired by the album art done by Glen "Foo" Brown, Omar Waqar of Diacritical/Sarmust for the dedication track "Great Bear " and the dedication track "Stow Destroyed" from erFiq guitarist Chris Schoonover and a track completely written and recorded by Chris Clover, "Greatness of The Bear". Chris Clover recorded the new drum tracks and re-recorded all of his vocals for the original sessions and put new lyrics and vocals to the new songs. The original tracks have been consolidated by Ben at Nothing But Noise Studios and guest production from Ed Corpse555. The songs were mixed by Chris Clover and Ed Corpse555 and Mastered at Mobile Media Mastering. Album Released March 1st, 2010 and a Press Release is available upon request. New Album scheduled for late 2010 - early 2011. Writing has begun.




Mar 01, 2010


United States


United States

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