31 days to wreck your plastic face.

And its a disgrace

to think I shook the hand that feeds this race.

So open up, open up like a Russian doll.

Youre the same, youre the same as the next one.

Dont you dare run.

Ive been doing that for years.

Look at my face

Does it smile and say Im okay?

Cause theres blood on your face

And thats just a taste

I want black and blues, I want black and blues.

Look at my face

Does it smile and say Im okay

You cross my path

And taste the words that you waste.

Ill take it to the grave.

Your word.

31 days comes with 31 ways

to picture your face on the floor beneath me.

So take your best shot,

Oh,you think youve got me now.

Youve got blood drops.

And your swollen,

and Im wondering

When youre gonna make your move.

Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jeckyl missed his flight.

Dr. Jeckyl, Dr. Jeckyl.

I want black and blues.