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Genres: Metal

Location: China

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4 tracks

Members: SEAN: Drums JEFF: Guitar GABE: Bass MATT: Guitar JEREMY: Vocals

Entracura is a relatively new 5-piece metal band from Hong Kong. Only formed near the beginning of this school year (late 2005). They all went to the same dreadful school at one point (West Island) which is how they all met.

Jeff, Sean and Jeremy were in a band you might have heard of before called Chain of Shadows, but because of whatever reasons, the band no longer exists. So, they joined Matt and Gabe which formed what we know today as Entracura.

They just finished recording their demo, 'In The Face of Hatred' which is up on here so give it a listen if you have the time.

Entracura are happy to play anywhere so if you want them to play just ask. Hope you enjoy the music and watch this space for more to come in the near future...



Contact us at:

Sean: pickle190@hotmail.com

Jeff: jeff_21@hotmail.com

Gabe: gabe_87@hotmail.com

Matt: matthewpaterson6@hotmail.com


  • K.Lo said:
    You guys so fuckin\' awesome, man!! Good show last night!!! Keep that up!!! Hope you guys will watch our show 21/4 at the underground!!! Support and Respect, K.Lo RustyCross Hong kong Metal Apr 04
  • Capita said:
    wicked band sean and jeff Mar 29
  • Milothegreat said:
    Great band. lots of eneregy. Mar 25
  • OMER said:
    fuckin lovin that demo album. especially that one song called Omer Segoly or something like that...anyways good job. I\'ll be back in HK on the 22nd of April. Looking forward to seeing you all PEACE Mar 24
  • 666666666666666 said:
    Alright fuckers, its glen butthe way. sounds fucking good man wheres all the other songs? lovin the double foot pedle nichol! GET SOME MORE SONGS ON HERE SO I CAN. Feb 15
  • -*Jayne-*-Tara*- said:
    OMG how hot is gabe!!? ahh i want his babies!! = ) Feb 07
  • -*Jayne-*-Tara*- said:
    woo!! we love Entracura!! Fuck yeah!! Jan 31

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