Uh Oh. These People Officially Ticked Off The Wrong Person

There are certain people you can pretty much never offend because they love you so much and will bend over backward to let you know that. Close friends and family members often fall into this category.

However, there are other people who aren’t as forgiving. These kinds of people look at revenge as a hobby and go out of their way to let you know if they’re offended for any reason. These examples show the latter type of people.

Giving It All Away

Cheating sign

For some reason, people don’t seem to like being cheated on. Everyone deals with the unfortunate situation in different ways. We like this guy’s way to get over it — he gave away all of his cheating ex-girlfriend’s things! Perfect.

“These are her clothes, she’s a size 8-10…. girls (or guys if your [sic] that way inclined) HELP YOURSELVES. He’s also included a smiley face. We love that he’s using humor to get through this bad time.