These Pets Are Not Fans Of Visiting The Vet

If you own a pet you’re probably well aware of the real-life struggle that comes with taking your furry friend to the vet’s office. They love going to the vets as much as humans enjoy a visit to the doctor. These furry friends remind us that even the biggest dogs and bravest of cats can freak out when it’s time for that faithful vet office visit. Some will pull at your heartstrings while others will leave you laughing out loud. These pet owners captured the moment they arrived at the vet’s office or told their pets where they were headed.

Always Bring A Friend Along

dogs consoling each other before going to the vet

These dogs have obviously hit the moment when they realized they’re going to the vet. At least they have each other to lean on for emotional support. Even these puppers know that the buddy system can fix any problem.

Needles and vet exams might last an hour, but friendship is forever. If we were the owners of these dogs, we’d turn the car around and take them to the park instead. Stay strong, pups! You can do it!