Ghoulish Facts You Might Have Missed About ‘The Munsters’

When the producers of the television series Leave It To Beaver had the opportunity to make another show, they didn’t go for the traditional nuclear family look that worked for them before. Instead, they took a chance and The Munsters was born. The show, which first aired on September 24, 1964, only aired for two seasons but was immensely popular and lived on in syndication.

It’s been more than 50 years since the show aired and a lot of behind-the-scenes facts have come out over time. Take a look back at all the hijinks the actors and others were engaged in, where they are now, and some facts that even the most die-hard fans don’t know.

Read on to learn about the Munsters moment that caused an absolute uproar!

The Herman Munster Costume Was Painfully Hot

Scene from the TV show The Munsters, which aired from 1964-1966.
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Getting into character for any actor is a difficult process that typically requires understanding their motivations and feelings about a particular scene. For Fred Gwynne, it was that, and much more. Getting into and staying in his costume was an excruciating thing, causing his body to overheat at times and even melting his makeup off of his face.

In between takes while filming The Munsters, crew members of the show would attempt to help Gwynne out by shooting cool air into his arms sleeves. That provided a little bit of relief, but it was still reportedly a grueling role to take on!