Kids Who Gave Hilarious Answers On Tests

You know when a toddler says a swear word but you have to try not to laugh because you don’t want to encourage the behavior, even though you definitely thought it was funny? That’s basically what a lot of these answers are.

You want to give them the marks for their clever witty answers, but sometimes they’re just straight-up wrong, and other times you don’t want to promote the fact that they just didn’t know the right answer to a simple math question. Check out these hilarious answers that kids gave on tests.

Super-human Decibel

mariah carey kid answer to test
Photo Credit: imgur
Photo Credit: imgur

Mariah Carey is clearly the only acceptable answer in this situation considering the notes she can hit are superhuman. We’re not even sure what the answer to this question was supposed to be, so who can blame the kid for going with their own answer instead right?

The woman has a 5 octave voice range which is virtually unheard of, she deserves to be an answer on an elementary school test.