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Enemigos del Suelo

New single, November 29!!!


Genres: Rock / World

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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Members: George Chabebe (Vocals,Guitars),Guillermo Capellan (Bass),Ariel Mojica (Drums),Gerardo Giraldo (Guitars)

Enemigos del suelo-En Soledad (Oficial Video) from Enemigos del suelo on Vimeo.

"Enemigos del Suelo" (Enemies of the Ground)

Enemigos del Suelo is a band of fusions; a mixture of rhythms that combine alternative rock, pop, grunge, reggae, cumbia and all of the band member's Latin roots. Born in different parts of the world, the band finds its home in New York City. They are a fusion of two worlds; a world of dreams and a world of reality.

"Enemies of the ground" = Never let yourself down.

Founder, singer, and guitarist George Chabebe has experienced many changes during his journey since the bands conception. It is with Guillermo Capellan on bass and Ariel Mojica on drums where he finally finds the perfect balance to produce this debut EP "Fugaz" (Fleeting).

Chabebe, grew up listening to tropical music and was influenced by artists such as Juan Luis Guerra and Fernando Villalona. As an adolescent he discovered new rebellious worlds with Gun's n 'Roses, Toque Profundo, Mana, and The Police, to name a few. They inspired him to take guitar lessons and create his first compositions. His lyrics are known to be sensual, melancholic, and easy to identify with.

At the same time yet in the Distrito Federal of Mexico, Ariel was exploring with drums to the rhythms of Megadeath and Tool. Meanwhile, Guillermo was learning to play bass at church in his Bronx community while listening to bands like Dream Theater and Metallica.

"Fugaz" was produced by Chabebe with arrangements by EdS and recorded at Crushing Studios by Toby Rodriguez and Oscar Zambrano. The mixing and mastering was by Zampol productions in NYC.

Enemies began conceptualizing in the summer of 2002. In 2006, the band sounded more solid than ever before and recorded a demo. In early 2008 the band experienced changes which delayed the production of their first album. Living up to the bands name, Chabebe kept the band alive until he found the perfect lineup. Guillermo returned to the band and Ariel joined them to finish this EP; a story composed of three songs, three surprises, and three illusions. There is rock-n-roll, power, punch, joy, melancholy, pop, merengue, salsa, and elements of Arabic music.

"En Soledad" (In Solitude), the first single tells of the ghosts that haunt our dreams; the spirits that don't allow us to live in peace and the love that upsets and leaves us wondering, "If only you could...if you could just want this one last time".

"Tiempo" (Time), a suffocating song that speaks of that sultry melancholic enemy whom does not abandon us, time.

"Fugaz" (Fleeting), an acoustic song of angelic harmonies which feel as though they fell from the sky and it's the EP's title song.

The music of EdS is here November 5/2009. This is a short EP like a shooting star.

Enemigos del Suelo invites you to immerse yourself in their waters, waters of forbidden desire…