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Bible Study Revelations - How the World Worship Satan?

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The thirteenth chapter of the book of Revelations represents an idea by the prophet John foretelling the way the world are experiencing a religious revolution that will elicit the spontaneous support of the great majority. Coming from a research of Revelations 13 the final outcome seems inevitable that Satan's ambition being worshipped being a god will one day becoming reality.

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In line with the prophet John, in the event the beast recovered from his deadly wound the world will be amazed. Of their astonishment they'll not only worship the beast however the dragon (Satan) too!

When one considers the extent this agreement the world hates Satan, it's unthinkable for the same world to then change and give him adoration. The common man in the world today, Christians and worldians alike, will violently recoil from your idea of giving homage to someone whom they think are the originator and personification of pure evil.

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Therefore, the question remains, how will this wily enemy of souls display this type of feat in getting the planet to honour him despite their passionate hatred for him? Are we to trust any particular one day the globe will suddenly get up for the idea that God sucks and decides to divert their praise to His enemy?

While a Bible study on Revelation 13 will provide information concerning how a world will worship Satan, we are going to will also get insight concerning his track record in neuro-scientific deceit whenever we study his modes of operation through the testimonies of other Bible writers. In order for us to effectively analyze this whole scenario from the thirteenth chapter of Revelation, we need to examine the prophecy just like a detective would examine an offence scene.

The Devil is comfortable with what sort of world thinks of him. They know that when he should present himself in his true identity although be immediately repulsed. In view of this, however need to resort to deception to achieve his aims. In fact, the Bible clearly teaches that Satan "deceiveth the whole world." Rev. 12:9

During my Bible study Revelation 12 and 13, in conjunction with other passages of scriptures, We've identified three possible strategies by which Satan can get the globe provide him with the homage he wants.

1. He can use disguise

2. He'll use impersonation

3. He'll use religion

Using Disguise: Satan will definitely not come in His capacity as being a fallen angel; he'll not announce the truth that he or she is Satan anf the husband wants the globe the planet to worship him. The Devil is more clever than that.

You'll recall how he deceived Eve into partaking in the forbidden fruit. He would not come and say 'I am Satan i command one to eat with this forbidden fruit.' What he did is to apply the effective disguise of the crafty serpent to try and do his objectives (Gen. 3:1-6).

The application of Impersonation: Satan can impersonate anybody he wants (1Sam. 28:8-14). But it is insufficient for Satan to easily deceive us into believing he is someone else. We believing he is other that what he truly is is not going to necessarily put him able to influence world affairs. It could be foolish for him to impersonate an important political or religious leader because people generally regard these people with much cynicism.

What Satan wanted is really a disguise that can put him capable of influence the world and compel them to render him willing obedience and worship. The only way to make this happen is to impersonate Christ! The Devil knows that if Christ is always to present himself on this planet today almost everyone would like to worship him. Therefore, together with the perception that he's Christ most the planet will render him willing service and adoration.

Are we not warned against false christs (Matt. 24:24)? And have we not been warned against planning to find Christ inside a particular location (Matt. 24:26)? I've found it interesting that Jesus Himself has warned us those who will persecute the Christians will believe that they do it in obedience to God (Jn. 16:2)! Warnings like these would hardly make sense if a conspiracy to impersonate Christ was not afoot!

The application of Religion: Since the people will believe that they may be being directed by Christ, they are going to be resulted in introduce a brand new religious order. People generally warm to religion. Once you let them have religion you are answering on their spiritual and emotional needs and humans are naturally worshipful creatures. Therefore, Satan will introduce religion, but it will be one which will direct worship to himself because the false christ.

In your Bible study on Revelation 13, you will see that this new state of things won't be created by 'outside enemies' but well-known players who're highly respected in society. The only way you can escape this global apostasy is usually to fortify your minds with Bible truths so that you will may be able to quench the fiery darts of deception.


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