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Endless Mike and the Beagle Club


Genres: Indie / Acoustic / Alternative

Location: Johnstown, PA

Stats: 167 fans / 57,963 plays / 34 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Mike, Davis, Heidi, Matt, Cody, Brandon, Dixon, Sam, John, Volkman, etc.


our new album "we are still at war" is now available at www.craftyrecords.net.

please check it out. i hope you like it. we'll put up some songs from it. right now there are two new songs from it at www.myspace.com/beagleclub, if you get the chance.

alright. awesome. thank you very much.


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Order the album "The Husky Tenor" at www.craftyrecords.net/b>


  • Dsnyder24 said:
    best band ever. Nov 08
  • Maddison Mae Neville Brumbaugh said:
    I was so intent on making your Blairsville show that I paid a friend $50 to drive west through the mountains for two hours in a recently crashed, hood-held-on-with-a-bungee cord car in weather that had us all very very scared. But the weather got too bad to continue driving and we had to crash in a hotel for the night and head home in the morning. Mar 23
  • ALteRNAtiVe_ADDiCtXx said:
    hey, great show last night :-D Oct 22
  • time is an ocean said:
    Hey you guys are fucking awesome!!! hope everything works out grand for you guys. tell me the next time you\'ll be around......oh and by the way im still down for that electric kool aid test show. sounds like magic to me. Oct 13
  • Topher9411 said:
    come to MA :D Oct 10
  • Topher9411 said:
    hey! i live in MA i co-host an indie radio show for my college and i want to play you guys but there are no downloads here anyway you can hook me up with a song. i don\'t need much just a song is fine. Oct 10
  • i'm just a teenage dirtbag said:
    wanna know what really stinks? i just came across your page today, and i live in ct. and you\'re playing in hartford. tonight. and i can not go. so, i\'m pretty bummed. on the bright side, i love what i hear! xo Jun 08
  • alfred87cron said:
    how far is johnstown from philly. anywayz u sound good Apr 08
  • crumie41 said:
    hey good show you playd at eds Mar 30
  • ModifiedManeuver said:
    Are you guys still playing the Manhattan Room in Philly on Wednesday? I haven\'t heard of any change but the venue doesn\'t have you listed Just wondering whether to plan on setting aside the evening. Thanks a lot! Mar 25
  • HeathernTink said:
    Hey guys the new tunes sound great!!!!! cant wait to see ya in as you put it Mike \"septemberish\" Just let me know i\'m always here!!!!! Jul 21
  • MissMeleah said:
    So, I\'m an awful cousin/godsister- but Happy Belated Birthday Mike and Matt. Me and Ian just had a debate over how old he thought you two were. He says 22. I informed him he was wrong. We love you. Meleah May 13
  • nikki is crazy said:
    glad to c ur playing at brattleboro-fest... its a bangin town for sure. (i love brattlebore cus i can like walk there) so ill probably show up :) Mar 07
  • ohXsoXoccultX said:
    yew guys shuld get a gig at the championship in lemoyne !!!! yewr to far away from carlisle lol x3 mariah Dec 21
  • crazyhairkid said:
    We love Sick Day! Well, all the songs actually. Dec 10

The Husky Tenor

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