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Genres: Rock / Alternative / Indie

Location: Seattle, WA

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4 tracks

Members: Daniel, David, Josh, Sean, Jeremy


  • jmelin said:
    hey! i was watching a rerun of the price is right and saw david on the show (: Jun 21
  • kellyp216 said:
    the price is right Oct 30
  • EatCakeNoW1233 said:
    hello. skipped school today & saw you on the price is right :] hope Spain was amazing! Sarah x x Oct 30
  • TheListeningsNumberOneBystandingFan said:
    Hey guys your one of my favorite bands now of coarse The Listening is still my fav but you guys come really close keep up the good music Jul 23
  • edakotaford said:
    rockin sweet music! May 24
  • piratexdanny said:
    Hello there Guys. Your sounding better every show. Hi Sean How are you? Tell Terry and Steven I say hi. So i have this friend Kyle Short that says he used to work with Josh... and he says \"what the heck is up? i lost my phone... and i love you.\" We\'re comming to see your show on the 2nd hopefully. On the tenth for sure. So yeah see y\'all there. May 23
  • SoundsaroundtheClock said:
    mmm i like you guys. good stuff. Feb 17
  • SkankBarefoot said:
    WoW.. whata find! i just did a random search and checkd yall out.. realy awesome! love Jan 27
  • NovaCat said:
    HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! Any chance you\'ll be in Ohio anytime in the near future? You could come play at Oberlin College outside of Cleveland. It\'d kick ass! Jan 20


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